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Granny Smith Apples

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Some Granny Smith apples.

Granny Smith apples are a delicious variety of apples with several points to their credit. Accounts vary, but most state that Granny Smiths were first grown in Australia. They are now grown in several countries around the world.

Positive Attributes

  • Their taste - Granny Smiths are tart apples with a rich but subtle sweetness to them. Without a hint of bitterness or muddiness about it, the juice will cause any Researcher to salivate profusely.

  • Their texture - The single downfall of most apples lies in the texture. Many apples, unless consumed within hours of being picked, are consistently slightly soft or mealy. Granny Smiths have neither of these characteristics. They are crisp and crunchy almost to the point of being hard, and will remain so for prolonged periods of time. In fact, although some strains are tough enough to cause the gums of the consumer to bleed slightly, it is generally considered a small sacrifice to make.

  • Their cooking effectiveness - Granny Smiths cook very well, and are considered by many to be the prime apple for cobblers.

  • Their ease of storage - As noted previously, Granny Smiths will last for long periods of time, and if stored properly in a root cellar, can last until the following spring1.

  • Their attractive appearance - A beautiful soft light green, these low-gloss and well-proportioned apples can double as artwork.

Negative Attributes

Other than the aforementioned propensity for destroying the mouths of those who eat them, Granny Smith apples have only one notable negative attribute. Because they need a very long growing season, they are primarily grown in Australia and New Zealand, which is quite inconvenient for any Researchers not living in either of these places. Some Granny Smiths are grown in Europe, Chile, and the West coast of the USA, but they tend to be few in number and are usually consumed locally.

How This Can Be Easily Overcome

As stated earlier, Granny Smiths will store for long periods of time. Thus, with the reversed seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and with modern shipping methods, consumers from around the world can have relatively fresh Granny Smith apples the whole year around.

1This is quite a period of time, as apples become ripe in autumn.

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