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If your sleeping hours have not attained the level of perfection that a good night's sleep should, you may find that the problem lies in your sleepwear.

You want to start with a really good pair of underwear. You may have, in the past, overlooked this first point and worn any ratty old pair you can find, because hey, you're unconscious, or you're far along enough in your relationship so that the person sleeping next to you doesn't really care, so why not save the good stuff for the day time? No. You need to sleep in a good self-esteem-boosting pair of underwear. Try it.

Second, pyjamas. A good sheer pair of pyjama pants are an excellent choice, but some people only feel right sleeping in cotton. If you own pyjama pants, you probably also own the cute little matching shirt that came with them. Most of these are made with buttons in the front, which, while great during a moment of rip-off-the-shirt passion, can jab into you and ruin a perfectly good dream. Try a nylon tank top instead, or a soft cotton t-shirt.

Third, the oft-neglected robe. A light robe really helps with the warmth factor, especially if you wear the tank top. And finally, a good pair of wool socks. If thick enough, they can serve as your slippers.

Sweet dreams.

(Editor's note: you might find that, if you live in the tropics, the above is a bit excessive. If so, just stick to a mosquito net and four showers a night.)

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