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Quick Fire Questions - the Internet Game

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Quick Fire Questions is an Internet game which involves two people speaking to each other online using MSN Messenger, AOL Aim or any other type of rapid messenger service.

How to Play

Two people start a conversation with each other over the Internet using some sort of messenger service. If none is available, a chatroom can be used, though in that circumstance it would be wise to use an empty chat room or to mute all the other people in the chatroom so that you do not get any interruptions from other people. Once a conversation has been started, you can begin the game.

The game can be played two different ways:

1. One Person Asks

In this game, there is one person asking questions, and the other person answering questions. The questions must be asked quickly and answered quickly. The person who is answering must not be allowed to think about their answer; they must answer immediately.

With this version of the game, the people playing can either decide a number of questions each will ask before switching roles, or they can simply decide that just one person will ask questions throughout the whole game.

2. Alternate Asking

In this game, the players take it in turn to ask a question. Once one player has asked a question, the other player must quickly give an answer, then ask another question back. The question they ask back is not allowed to be the same as the question they were just asked.

This version of the game is meant to be faster and does not give anyone an advantage.

The Questions

The questions are short and simple choice questions. One player asks the other a question, giving them two possible choices. For example, one player could ask the other their favourite brand of chocolate (presenting the options 'Dairy Milk or Galaxy?'). The other player would then have to answer with one of those options. The questions can refer to anything - even people.

Game Variations

Other Answers

There are times when playing that you may like to say a different answer to the two options given. For example, when given the above choice of 'Dairy Milk or Galaxy1?', the person answering may not like either and will choose the answer of 'neither'. Another possibility is that the question 'sex or chocolate?' could be asked, and the person answering, who could like both, may say 'both at the same time'. It is up to the two people playing whether other answers like these are allowed. Sometimes allowing other answers to be given means that funnier answers are given, but sometimes it is fun to force people to make a definitive choice, and since answers must be given quickly, it is common for people to say the wrong answer, which can also be funny at times.

Special Rules

Special rules can be agreed by the people playing. For example, the people playing may agree to the rule 'No questions relating to people we both know in real life' or 'No sex-related questions'. By agreeing rules like this, both players can be sure that no-one is offended and that everybody playing can have fun.

More People

Although the game is only meant to be a two-player game, it can be played with more people. There are three ways of playing this game with more then two people, however, just as in the two-player version of the game, the questions must be asked and answered as quickly as possible.

1. One Person Asks

In this game, there is one person asking the questions and everybody else answering at once. Although this version of the game can be fun, having so many answers at once can take away from the fun of each persons answer.

2. Alternate - Ask Your Person

In this game, each person has another person they ask, and they take it in turns to answer a question then ask their person a question. This can be a lot of fun however if someone is asked a hard question, that person has no way to get back at the person who asked them the question.

3. Alternate - Ask Anyone

In this game, each person can ask anyone else playing a question. To do this, they would simply ask the question like this - 'Player's Name: Question?'. For example - 'Simon: Dairy Milk or Galaxy?'. In this scenario, Simon would then answer the question as usual then ask someone else a question. This is by far the most fun multi-player version of 'Quick Fire Questions'.

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is simple - to have fun! By asking the other person questions the questioner is able to find out things about them and everyone can laugh at some of the funny answers that are given.

1Brands of chocolate bars.

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