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Forget Me Not Care Farm, Wirral, UK

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The entrance to Forget Me Not Care Farm

Forget Me Not Care Farm on the Wirral in the UK offers people (especially children and disabled people) the opportunity to get close to a variety of farm animals in a friendly setting.

Forget Me Not Care Farm started life in 2014 at Tam O'Shanter's Urban Farm in Birkenhead on the Wirral with paddocks for pigs, hens and Angora goats. It also hosted donkeys, ducks and guinea pigs as well as wild birds, frogs and other creatures. It was open to the public on 'Farm Fun Days', but was mostly designed to provide work experience for disabled people, offering roles caring for the animals and managing the land.

The Farm moved to Great Meols on the Wirral in 2016 (adjacent to Carr Farm Garden Centre1) and formally opened to the public as a Petting Farm. The ducks, hens and Angora goats were joined by sheep and Kunekune pigs2. Other animals that have been cared for there have included rabbits, turkeys and even a ferret.

At time of writing (2021), visitors can see the hens and Angora goats, plus a range of other animals including bantam hens, pygmy goats, sheep, ducks and donkeys. The paths are gravel or bark, but this Researcher (a manual wheelchair user) managed to get round fairly easily. Food for the sheep and hens can be purchased at the entrance kiosk, and there are basins at the exit so that visitors can wash their hands after touching the friendly animals.

The Farm is usually open from April to October seven days a week during school holidays, and five days a week during term time. However, it is advisable to check the Facebook page before planning to go there, as the Farm occasionally has to close because of flooding, sick animals or other unforeseen circumstances. There is a charge of £1 per person. However, in keeping with Forget Me Not Care Farm's mission to enable access to animals, entry for disabled people is free. Donations are welcomed, and there are sometimes also fresh eggs, honey and souvenir merchandise for sale.

1Situated on the A540 Birkenhead Road, the Farm is near Meols railway station and the Wirral Circular Trail regional cycle route 89.2Small, hairy pigs from New Zealand.

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