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Writing Workshop: A1023968 - Human evolution

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Lost & Found Rhino

Entry: Human evolution - A1023968
Author: Lost & Found Rhino - U216774

This is my first attempt - comments gratefully received

A1023968 - Human evolution

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Mammuthus Primigenius

Some good stuff here smiley - ok, you seem to know the subject (although I don't, so I can't be sure) and a lot of it is nicely explained. But there's an awful lot of unnecessary waffle. I suggest you print it out and go over it with a ruler and pencil crossing out everything that isn't neccessary. The first paragraph is bad, it doesn't encourage the reader to continue. Don't apologise. Just ignore creationists.

There's quite a few entries on evolution already, it would be worthwhile to do a search for these and link to as many as you can to show where your article fits in.

Don't give up! smiley - winkeye with a bit of editing this will make a great entry.

A1023968 - Human evolution

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Lost & Found Rhino

Point taken, having read through it again there is a lot of waffle. I'll try cutting it down to size. Thanks for having a look over it though.


A1023968 - Human evolution

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Lost & Found Rhino

some waffle cut - I'll have another read of it this evening.


A1023968 - Human evolution

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

Hello there LR!
Nice, informative (if jargon/Latin filled) entry.
Couple of quibbles, mainly on points of what the editors of h2g2 are looking for (you can find out more about this by going to <./>Writing-Guidelines</.&gtsmiley - winkeye :

1. The pictures that you've put in should be taken out, 'cos the Italics don't like them unless they're the ones that put them in (dunno why that is)

2. To make this more accessible to the layman you might want to trim bits which are unneccessary (I can see this has already been suggested, so keep at it smiley - smiley)

3. The footnotes are a bit long. Try working some of them into the entry itself, that way people won't have to keep flicking from the top to the bottom.

Just thought I'd make it clear that I like this entry and the points above are only so you have an easier time in Peer Review (where some can be brutal) smiley - biggrin

A1023968 - Human evolution

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Noggin the Nog

Neanderthal man is homo neanderthalensis.


A1023968 - Human evolution

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Lost & Found Rhino

Thanks for the comments.

Picked up the neander spelling - thanks Noggin

Oberon :- Done the pictures as you suggested, but I'm a little confused by the idea of cutting out the less important bits , whilst at the same time working in the footnotes to the main text. To me the footnotes are less important hence not in the main text to start off with. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean, could you give an example of how you'd go about it ?

Lost Rhino

A1023968 - Human evolution

Post 8

Oberon2001 (Scout)

Maybe you could cut some of the footnotes completely (i.e. the first one which mentions stuff that will be said later anyway!)

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