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This is a very hard question to me, to some of you it may be easy.
I have gone through periods of loving all of them, particularly Leiutenant George and Flasheart, but now I have come to the decision that Darling is my current favourite. Perhaps because he's so annoying and creepy. Such a suck up.smiley - smooch

I also love Tim McInnerny as Percy. He plays his roles extremely well and is very very funny.

However, George probably has the best quotes 'Absolutely top hole Sir, with a ying and a yang and a yippiedeedo!' And Melchett's 'Baaa's' are hilarious. Baldrick's stupidness and Blackadder's satirical attitude are also hard to beat.

Overall a very tough decision. Whether or not Darling will remain my favourite forever isn't known, but for now...he is.

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Any incarnation of Baldrick! I am especially fond of the Black Adder I Baldrick, as he didn't appear to be as stupid as the later ones. In fact, he was smarter than the Black Adder I Edmund, IMHO.

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Hmmm, very good question.. I love Baldrick and both George's, I also like Lord Flashart as well, I think he comes out with the best lines, lol. Lizzie

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What a most strange question! Prince Black Adder (first series), of course!

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