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Peer Review: A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Researcher 229375

Entry: Modoc County, California, USA - A1065278
Author: Researcher 229375 - U229375

Please engage your Subtlety Detector before reading this one.


A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Not sure if I have one of them, but I certainly consider this to be a very well written piece, with a distinctive style.

You could maybe put some headers and subheaders in, break things up a little. Or maybe a link to some local sites?

If a researcher should happen to wander through Modoc county, is there anything still worth stopping for? Is there anyplace to stay?

Also you occasionally make a reference that the global readers of the guide are going to have trouble with. You refer to a river at some point as "yes X river" why? is it famous?

Don't lose the individual approach, but maybe just add to it a little round the edges.


A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Hi Sam smiley - smiley

I agree with sprout's comments.

And I have a few more for you smiley - winkeye

You mention a referendum in the first para: what was the outcome?

Were the draining of the wetlands and the felling of the aspen trees decisions made at State or County level? I mean, could they be linked to the reasons for the referendum?

I got a bit confused about time-lines. When did the reclamation happen? When did the referendum happen? When did the aspen trees come down?

You talk about and in relation to wetland/lake systems. Do you mean and ? If not, I'd stick with the , because the wind has nothing to do with water systems and soil drought in this context. (They don't call me pedantic for no reason smiley - tongueout)

The stuff about the logging turns into a bit of a rant! Whilst it may reflect exactly how you feel about it, it's a bit one-sided for the Edited Guide smiley - erm It would be good to have a more objective consideration of the logging and felling issues. It may be the conclusion that it's crazy / criminal that the trees have gone, but a more rounded discussion along the way.

And then it just stops! I'm left wondering, like sprout, what else is there in Modoc County? Are there any organisations or communities dedicated to restoring former wetland habitats, or woodlands. Are there good places to visit? etc. etc.

smiley - cheers

A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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One stop researcher? Back to entry time?

smiley - panda

A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Researcher 229375

I wasn't a one-stop researcher by choice. I repeatedly lose my way to the web site. I keep thinking that it's on bbc.uk.

I'm delighted to discover that it hasn't gone 404 after all every time I find it again.

Pardon me while I make a link that I'm likely to find again.


A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Researcher 229375

Hi Sprout,

Yes, some headers would be great. I'm researching GuideML to see how to do that.

I have been rather negative, haven't I? Together, Alturas and Modoc form a real-life synonym for "Oh Well, Now What", but I'll be sure to add some positive points.

I'll try to give some background about the Klamath river too. Or perhaps I should write a separate entry for the river. It's become a famous grievance for the past few years now in the U.S.


A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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Researcher 229375

HI Frenchbean,

Let's see... It already says that the forest belongs to the United States government, and the United States Bureau of Reclamation drained the lakes.

There is no apparent connection between California's referendum and these actions by the United States.

The wind has everything to do with the climate that produced the drought. I've added a little verbiage to try to make that clearer.

I did get negative, but I don't see how it's about logging. It's about the climate change that made the logging detrimental. Maybe if I write something about forest fires, that will be more clear. That will have to wait for another day.


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Peer Review: A1065278 - Modoc County, California, USA

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