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smiley - bubblyDrunken sock removal? Childs play! Its only practice for that fateful night you DON"T end up with the lads and somehow persude a member of the opposite sex{or not,what ever floats your boat}to have a tumblesmiley - magic. Sure, you start out fine, maybe even a hint of strip tease if you're a bold one. Things are getting steamy, pulses quicken, you're on your game and riding high.......UNTIL........sock removal rears its ugly head!smiley - yikes A more akward and ungainly act is beyond comprehension, almost to the point of causing impotency{what with all the blood rushing away from the important bits only to end up as a tomato like blush upon the cheekssmiley - flustered} Its a wonder procreation is even possible. Thankfully, our libidos usually win out and the show goes onsmiley - boing. As for myself, well, I'm expierianced, but if it does become an issue I'll opt for sandels. One must keep priorities straightsmiley - ok.

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