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Merovingian Crusade

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I read in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" that there was a pope that authorized a crusade against this group, that they claimed to have the Bloodline of Christ. There was also a BBC documentary about it a long time ago.

What ever became of it?

Real First Christians were crusified

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i belive that all that thing and fass with holy grail and etc
is a waste of time.

The real christians and follwoers of Christ went to Rome to spread the Good news to the pagans.

we all know what happend to St Peter, St Paul and the rest.

If you go to GOOGLE and check out what is it GNOSTIC
you ll find the whole ocult sect of Judaic people, who resided in egypt
and worshipped pagan black goddess.

This Da Vinci Code and Holy Grail book is a hoax, to fool Catholics and just a people.--because it is all AntiChrist and anti God.

There is a story about Templar Knights on US History Channel. If you are intersted you can order series of historic DVDs.
They also in ths historic channel program somehow conected it with Free Masons and creation of the American Nation and Republic.
What I think it not true
because American repubic was build on a principle of
Roman early republic.

But according to the program Templar Knights interacted and joined Free Masons, free masons immigrated to the New World
and created the United States of America.

They also speak about how the city was designed....
But then again: Albert Spike I belive his name was,
was a famous Mason during Civil War in America.
he was about 300 ounds, alsmo t6'2" tall
and was looking like a Merlin.
His writing contained something admirying Satan or connecting Masons to Satan and to Satanic image.

is this is why Masonic temples are closed in downtown Washington DC?

This is my personal opinion.
i am very puzzled by what I saw about Merovingian line
and all that story/
I dont believe it is true:
real Christians followed Jesus Christ and became his missionaries,and they were martyrs. They were eaten by animals in Colliseum,for entertainment of the crowd,
they were persecuted in Judea and Izrael, and i n Rome,
and they were crusified right and left.
Why PHILLIP run away to Egypt? to hide?
why did not he go to ROME and fight for faith?
he did not love JESUS enough.

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Merovingian Crusade

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