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The slayer and her scoobies brought us a whole new language from Slayerville and here is a short (or maybe not so short) guide to what it all means.

AGREEAGE - To completley agree with someone or to all be in 'agrreage' together.

ANGSTY - Anxious, worried.

APPEARAGE - To be visably present.

AVOIDY - To avoid something or someone.

BADNESS - Somethin bad or evil.

BAIL - To leave or quit.

BEEFSTICK - Male hottie.

BITE-FEST - A mutliple vampire feast.

BITEY - Refernce to vampires as the "bitey ones".

BOOKSVILLE - Stuck in doing the accounting.

BORKWORMY - Someone who likes to read is classed as 'bookwormy'.

BRAINWASHY - Something that can brain wash you.

BREAKAGE - To break or breakdown.

BREAK AND ENTERISH - To look like your about to commit a crime.

BRONZING - Going to the bronz e.g. 'Are we bronzing it tonight?'.

BROODING - Fully loading the guilt onto oneself, self-pitying.

BUFFINATOR - Pop culture refernence to 'The Terminator' implying that Buffy is uber-strong.

BUFFSTER - Nickname for Buffy

BUFFYBOT - A robot Buffy.

BUFFYLESS - Lacking Buffy, no Buffy.

BUTTONOALOOZA - Festival of buttons. Reference to an extreme amount of buttons.

CARBON DATED - Really old, very out of date.

CARDBOARDY - Tastes like cardboard.

CARRIE - Pop culture reference to the film 'Carrie' meaning to go all supernaturally vengfull.

CARTOONY - Unrealistic, like a cartoon.

CAVE-BUFFY - Prehistoric Buffy.

CRYBUFFY - Refernece to Buffy being a crybaby.

CHICK FIGHT THING - Hair pulling and nail scrathing, fighting like a girl.

CHILDHOOD TRAUMA - What went wrong to make this person so insane, a person with issues eg. "God, whats your childhood trauma?"

CHILL - Calm down, stop worrying.

CLARK KENT - Pop culture reference meaning th hide your secret identity.

COLLEGEY - Meaning to be part of college life.

COMMANDERY - Someone in charge, in command.

COOLNESS FACTOR - How cool someone is, eg if not cool at all they would have the 'coolness factor' of zero.

CORDETTES - Members of Cordelia's little popularity group.

COUPLY - Meaning to be getting romantically close with someone.

CREEPY - Scary, unsettling.

CRIPTIC - Speaking in rhymes, not maiking much sence or speaking in code.

CUDDLE-MONKEY - Male lover

CUDDLESOME - Suitable for cuddling.

DOUBLE O SEVEN - Pop culture reference to James Bond meaning to like a secret agent.

DATEVILLE - The early dating stage of a relationship.

DAWSON'S CREEK - Pop culture reference meaning cheesy.

DEAL - To handle or manage e.g "Don't worry, I can deal"

DISTRUCTO-GIRL - Girl of distruction, girl that causes distruction.

DESTINY-FREE - To be without destiny.

DIDDY - Meaning to be having sex with someone, 'doing the diddy'.

DO A WILLIAM BOROUGHS - To do a William Boroughs on someome, meaning to shoot them to death. Reference to the American author.

DOLLSOME - An extrenley attractive female

DRAMA QUEEN - Someone who like to make everything into a great big deal.

DRASTIC DISTRACTION REDUCTION - Meaning to be be no longer distracted.

DUPM-O-GRAM - Statement that a relationship is over.

DUST - Stake a vampire, to turn it to dust.

DUSTVILLE - Meaning vampires sent to their death 'sent to dustville'.

EEUCH - A sound meaning yuk or disaproval, "Did you just eeuch my name'

ELSEWHERE - To be somewhere else.

EVITA-LIKE - Self-centered or up yourself.

EXCORSIST TWIST- Full rotation of the head like in the film

FANGY - A vampire when it shows its fangs is all fangy.

FEEDING-FRENZIE - Lots of vampires feeding

FESS UP - Confess.


FLAKE - To be irresponsible and lazy.

FORTRESSY - Meaning to be like a fortress

FOULNESS - A very bad smell.

FREAKED - Someone who is extremley upset, scared or worried is freaked out.

FEAKSOME - Worrying.

FREAKY DEAKY - Strange, weird.

FROWNY - Dissaproving face, to frown.

FULL MONTY - Pop culture reference to the film meaning to be completley naked.

FUNKY - Something that is all wrong, a feeling that something is bad is going to happened or a bad smell.

GAME-FACE- The face a vampire has when he's ready to fight.

GANDHI -Innocent, peacefull person.

GATHERING - Mellow song styling type of party

GEEK - Unstylish and awkward person.

GEEK-MACHINE - A very un-cool car.

GEEKER-JOY - Acting very nerdy when happy and excited.

GET GONE - Disappear, go away.

GET PELVIC - Become sexually involved with someone.

GIRL-POWERY - To be involved in the girl power movment.

GIRLY-GIRL - To be extremley feminine.

GLADNESS - To be happy to feel good. 'Feeling the gladness'

GLIB-FREE - To be serious, with out sarcastic remarks. 'I'd apreciate your glib-free attention'.

GLOWERY - A person with a stern and angry glance.

GRIM - Serious and glum.

GROINY - To be sexual with someone, to be groiny with them.

GUILTAPALOOZA - Excessive guilt.

HACKER-GIRL - A girl who hacks into secure computer files.

HACKERY - To hack into computer files.

HANG - To spend time with firends.

HANG-TIME - To make time to spend with friends.

HAPPY - A happy meaning excitment, a feeling of happiness.

HAPPY MEALS ON LEGS - Vampire food, reference to humans as happy meals on legs.

HARVEST - A night once in a century when a Master Vampire can draw power from one of his minions while it feeds.

HAUNTY - Scary.

HELLMOUTH - The opening, doorway into hell.

HELLMOUTHISH - Meaning going a bit crazy from the evil vibes from the hellmouth.

HELLSVILLE - A place of hell, a hell dimension.

HOST - A human vessel for an unatural creature to live in or possess.

HOTTIE - Someone who is very attractive.

HOUDINI - To dissapear.

HUH? - Meaning to not understand or to repeat a sentence. eg. "I think I speak for everyone when I say 'huh'?"

JUDGY - Meaning to be judgemental or critical.

KICKAGE - A time of kicking or beating.

KISSAGE - Kissing.

KITTENY - Gentle and cute like a kitten.

LIAZRDY - Repitilian. To look like a lizard.

LOVE-WHAMMY - A love spell

LURKE - To be hanging about in the shaddows, uninvited.

MAIDEN VOYAGE - First time doing something e.g first date.

MANIMAL - A man who behaves like an animal.

MANNESS - Particully masculine

MAXI-WIG - Worrying immensensly.

MELTY - To melt.

MESSED - Confused, To be messed with, to be confused and disorianted.

METAPHORY - Full of metaphores.

MASTER - The most powerful of vampires, capable of destroying the earth.

MINION - A lacky to evil beings

MISSAGE - Missing someone.

MOOTVILLE - Meaning irrelevent.

MR CAUTION MAN - Someone who is always ver cautous.

MUCHLY - Tremendously, greatly, eg, 'Muchly appreciated'

MUFFIN - Cute boy.

NASTYS - Evil things.

NERD - Someone who like science and computers.

NON-BUDGER - Someone who is not willing to move on there position, that will not 'budge'.

OOGINESS - Not feeling very well, feeling a bit under the weather or sick.

OOGLY-BOOGLIES - Ghosts, spooks.

OUT-OF-THE-LOOPY - To be left out, unincluded.

OVER ACHIEVER - Someone who tries too hard to be better than everyone else.

PATHETICNESS - To be extremly easy to take the mick out of.

POINTY - To make a meaningful point, it's not pointless its entirley 'pointy' a conversation with point.

POSTAL - Insane.

PRE-POSY - Early stage of a relationship before flowers.

PUNCTURY - Apearing punctured in the neck by vampires.

RAMPAGEY - To be on in the mood for a rampage.

RESEARCHY - In a mood to research 'Feeling kind of researchy right now'.

REVEALY - To reveal somthing.

ROUND-ROBIN - When everybody call's everybody else's parent's and tells them they are sleeping over at the other persons house.

RUMMBLY - Hungry, 'My tummy's feeling kind of rummbly'

SABRINA - Pop culture refernce to the tv show, meaning a witch.

SALTY GOODNESS - When a guy is good looking.

SAVERAGE - To save or rescue "Thus freeing us up for world saverage".

SCOOBY-GANG - What Buffy friends are called. Pop Culture refernce to Scooby doo.

SCULLY - To give a scientific explenation to a paranormal phenomenon.

SESAME STREET - Something so simple a child could understand it.

SHERLOCK - Meaning to investigate normally like a detective.

SHINDIG - Dip, less mellow song styling, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage kind of party.

SINGLE-WHITE-FEMALE - Meaning to immitate someone elses like and take it for your own. Reference to the film.

SITCH - Situation

SLAYAGE - Slaying past tense.

SLAY-HEAVY - To be very busy with slaying.

SLAYERFEST - A competition where vampires try to kill slayers.

SLAYERETTES - Buffy's friends who help her with her slaying.

SLAYER KRIPTONITE - Pop culture refernce to superman, to explain Buffy's loss of power.

STEALTH GUY - Someone who can appear and dissapear without anyone noticing.

SPIDER-SENSE - Pop culture reference to Spide man's intuition, meaning a funny feeling that something is wrong.

SUCKFEST - An orgy of murders by vampires.

SURFACY - Superficial

TIMLENESS - Timing, good or bad


TWITCHY - Unnerved

UBER-EVIL - Immense evil

UBER-SUCK - The situation sucks majorly in the worst possible way.

UBER-VAMP - Vampire with super strength.

UBER-WITCH - A very very powerful witch.

UNDEAD - Something that is not of the living and not of the dead like a vampire or zombie.

UNH - Sex

UNMIXY - Incompatable, doesn't mix.

UNQUALITY - Not good quality

UNWINDY - Wind down, relax, have fun.

UNWORRIED - Not worried.

VAGUNESS - Very unclear.

VAGUE-UP - Sarcastic remark to someone who isn't making themselves clear enough.

VAMP - Vampire

VAMP-OUT - A vampire putting on its feeding face.

VAMPIRE MEALS ON WHEELS - A monthly delivery of blood to the hospital.

VIDFEST - An evening of lots of videos and munchies with friends.

VILLAGE PEOPLE - Meaning gay. Reference to the 80's pop band that were all homosexual.

SLAYER - A girl born once every generation with the strength and skill to hunt vampires, find them where they gather and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. A chosen one.

SMOOCHIES - Kissing.

TRAGEDY MASKS - Sad faces.

VAMPIRE - Demonic creatures who live off the blood of humans.

VESSEL - To use someone elses body as your own for a short while with there permission.

VOGUE UP - To make yourself look good, to put makeup on.

WACKY - Crazy.

WAKEY - Girl that is awake.

WANNASLAY - Person who wants to slay vampires, to be a slayer.

WATCHER - A slayers guide and teacher.

WATCHERLESS - Having no watcher, or a watcher that is away.

WATCHERS COUNCIL - An organition of Watchers.

WAREWOLF - A human that turns into a wolf for 3 nights out of the month.

WEIRDNESS - Very strange stuff.

WHACK - Bad, unfortunate.

WHISPERY - Whispering to someone.

WICCA - A type of witchcraft practise.

WICCA-GAL - Girl who pracitses wicca.

WIG OUT - To freak out.

WIGGED - Freaked out about something.

WIGGINS - The creeps.

WIGGY - Agitated or worried.

WILD BUNCH - To go Wild Bunch means to get violent.

WOW-POTENTIAL - Has the potential to satisfy romantically.

WRATHY - Vengfull, full of anger.

YESTER - Yesterday, over, history.

ZOMBIE - Dead people who have been brought back to life to be controlled by someone.

Researched using the book 'Slayer Slang' Written by Micheal Adams

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