Photo Competition Finalist: The Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty, viewed from a distance
The Statue of Liberty, by Michelle Scott, Dundee.
The photograph was taken from the top of the World Trade Centre in October 2000, during a year I spent in New Jersey. I sent the photo because I think its pretty unique and since the Towers aren't there anymore it can't be duplicated. The view from the top of the WTC was amazing, the sunlight on the water looked great and I really like the Statue of Liberty.

When we were deciding on the shortlist of 10 final photographs, one of the 'whittling-down' criteria we decided to pick was 'can this shot ever be recaptured?' - or in other words, how unique or different was the picture. This shot - of the statue of Liberty from the top of the World Trade Center in New York - can now obviously never be taken again. We especially liked the shafts of light burning down through the ominous storm clouds gathering over the water, a sign of hope for the future in the face of imminent threat, perhaps.

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