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black holes

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Researcher 207258

there was a progranne on bbc about two years ago discussing the elenth dimension.they were talking about each having it's own properties e.g one full of fire, one which is full of gravity.
my Question about black holes is, that the gravity universes properties is where the gravity in this universe comes from.
so could the black hole be where space and time is stretched into that universe

black holes

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this conversation died a death, lets talk about the life cycle of a star where does it come from......you can you tell me?

black holes

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See A418637.

black holes

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Researcher 232801

A black hole is simply a tear in this universe and this dimention. It is belived that because a black hole is essentially a door out of our universe that if you could accelerate to a speed faster than the speed of light then the crushing gravity would not affect you and you would be hurteled into a different dimention or universe.

black holes

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Dear Researcher 232801 (you should choose a better name), please do not believe that. It's rubbish. Honestly.

black holes

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Sorry my friend, but if you were to exceed the speed of light, you would become light, and then there would be no way to put you back together. It would be humpty dumpty at 1000000000000000psi

black holes

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What does *this* mean?

black holes

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If anyone can tell me here as to what was the name of the famous scientist who wrote an article entitled "A BLACK HOLE HAS NO HAIR", then I'd say that someone has at least read the renowned literature on the subject of the yet to be understood and the elusive BLACK HOLES!smiley - smiley

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