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While living in North Dakota, U.S.A., my husband and I were awoken about 2:30-3:30a.m., late Nov-Dec-'98. Now, mind you my husband was in camper 200 miles away. Something told us to go outside and look up---we did, and there was a wormhole. Where my concentration was on the curves, my husband was enjoying norhtern lights in combination with hole. It did have black center---no swirling---very, very gently curving inward to the black hole... I figure it to be south-southwest in sky, as from my back door in Zap ND, was south/ slight curve from looking direct on...my husband said the lights were going inward, as I saw lights--I was courious about curves.Very cold, had to go inside and come back out.He called me...---as I know---cc(Angel1949).smiley - smiley

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