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Slum Dog Millionaire's success

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Would " Slum Dog Millionaire " have garnished the same success if it was an Bollywood production ???

Slum Dog Millionaire's success

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To start with it surely would not have won 8 oscars cause you need to be nominated for them to win them. I say that because if it was directed by an Indian and or produced in India it would be part of the Best International Film Category award. So lets assume if it were the same film it would have won only 1 oscar.

Now I have a question if it is truly a global award ceremony the oscars, or baftas , why only hollywood or to be more precise english films are nominated for the awards .shouldnt they be nominating films from all corners of the globe europe , asia , africa , south america etc.

Then again I may be wrong here cause these awards are primarily for Hollywood or British Film industry . The ultimate success today for many film industries is winning the oscars or such awards. But as you can see from the arguement above this is not possible for any local film made outside the two leading film industries mentioned above.

It is the local film industries which I think should be making their films global in a away for the true success of the film. So for instance if a czech film is termed as a masterpiece then it should be reaching the global audience rather than just a few million watchers.

So I say , Slum dog millionaire (as an Indian film in Hindi) might have won a few awards back in India , it might have been nominated for that single oscar category but would not have attained huge "success" globally as it has done today.

I think it might have been a failure to the classic Internatonal marketing norm so famous today " Think local act global "

Slum Dog Millionaire's success

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By definition it would have been a totally different film.....and a musical to boot. It would have been escapist entertainment and perhaps less worthy of an Oscar?

Slum Dog Millionaire's success

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exactly. the question was flawed. it was a bit like....' if a bus was tiny,would so many people travel in it?'


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Slum Dog Millionaire's success

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