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Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Hi everybody. My issue to talk about is something to do with what's written in the title... enough of being a smart-arse.

(where does paranioa kick in, the opinion that people who see things quite probably are inclined to see these things)

Please read before thinking you know what my stance is on the topic.

My issue is that I was researching videos on theology, 'science and god' or 'scientist v ceationalist' as examples and I come across the conspiracy involving 'NWO' etc. also known as the big conspiracy (if there's anybody who has seen everything connected with this (political, theological, historical - even the occult), then it is for the most part shocking, on different levels of thought.

My admission is this, that once I had seen a huge range of videos, (not the first time i'd scratched the surface believe me) I must have been mad - seriously. I felt the need to share it in COMPLETE belief that i'd seen the truth that needed to be shared. Probably quite common too (conspiracy theorists) - not that that makes it easier. Yes, it's embarrasing.

I saw a post on here about them too - some good points, psychological reasons, what sort of people. Wish i'd seen that before the theory and perhaps I wouldn't be at this point.
My point is not what's true and what isn't (though that topic is welcome too) but what are the psychological aspects discovered around it compared to definate truth.

I know it's vague but...

I posted during a thread on one site - and quickly posted a conclusion to warn people of the blindness with which I gave myself to this cause. I said that I felt like i'd had a breakdown and also pointed out that not nearly everybody will be as weak as me (and by that I mean - so taken over by the negatives that even the most positive messages of love and understanding, get eclipsed by negative emotions and massive fear so in the end, you're spreading fear thinking you're doing something for good). But never the less, I know (or hope) that i'm not a lone nut but am part of a bigger picture who were perhaps more succeptable to panic about it.

Whether I believe parts of this or non of this doesn't matter because I haven't for any part of my life apart from this time thought that anybody could know the truth or threw open minded thinking aside so easily.
I admit that I'm an example of somebody vulnerable partly because of my own insecurities and weakness (which is one known psychological point used by anti-conspiracy arguers)

The main point I want to bring up is that - it was hard for me to find somebody I could turn to and now live with quite a bit of fear. This isn't supposed to be all about the writer but I thought that I'd give some backgrond.

My question is, what can people who are for and against - or whatever describes opinion - relate to eachother on/about. What's the opinion of a 'believer' who warns of what is true and what is based on opinion.

It's extreme to fully believe things (especially when there is an overload or lots of information) or totally disbelieve for the same opinonated type of reason.
So could anybody please comment who've maybe had an experience, people from both (or any) viewpoints. Or has debated or researched before.

I will not state whether or not I believe in one thing or another and anybody that knows this topic will know how deep and vast it is.
The reason for this is that I tried to influence people because I thought it was right. I am forever in shame for that even though my own personal message was love, understanding and a wish to help.

The fact that it's unclear what's fact, what can be debated, what already has, or what's reliant on opinion should have been obvious to me as reasons to be very careful - unfortunately it wasn't and i'm here - asking for a wider view.

Like I said - any perspective welcome (may be quite obvious but nice to write).

This is part of my new mission - to help understand this subject and even if I never escape my own feelings. Understand it enough to not help the spread of fear in society, or help those that have shared the experience.

Thanks a lot,

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Hello, jw13b!

I've just read your piece on different conspiracy theories and how it affects you. It's obvious that your mind doesn't cope with it!
So my advise to you is this: Find yourself a vacation from this crazy world of different mind-bozzling fantasies, talk with your parents, relatives, friends, curators, whatever, and explain your situation. The best cure is to visit earthbound, wise people with lifelong experience in plain and simple living. Work, eat, laugh and talk a week or month or two, and your mind will calm down and get straight again.
I've worked with difficult trees and special people (or was it the other way?) for thirty years now, and I've seen a lot of troubled minds calm down and find real, pure pleasure in something as simple as manual work, a fireplace, some laughs and tears. Try to find some nice, old people to visit!
My place on this earth is in the deep forests of Norway, and English isn't easily written as long as I'm used to my own språk... But I prefer English books and read a lot roundabout every theme that have interest. Also some conspiracy-stuff. Most of it is paranoid bullshit, some of it have some truth, but is strongly exaggregated and blown far above reality. And some known and well-documented facts appear as murky conspiracies only because goverments refuse to admit all of their secrets.
But if you get interested in REAL exitement and adventure, all this doomsday & pseudocrap disappears faster than a trout in the river!
Good luck to you, crazy diamond!

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Edward Prosser

Hey janistan. I agree with you that getting away from the hustle of life for a few weeks is a great idea. Being self sufficiant out in nature with some manual labour is great for the mind and soul.

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Yeah... better be careful with these theorys. If all of these theorys were true then scientists would bearound the corner to turn us all into werewolves... wait whats that dude doing staring at me?

Nah, no man, but you see what i mean...

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Glen Cram

Conspiracy Theory: The ridiculous and utterly unfounded notion that those in power do not always tell the truth!

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Hello j,

first off:


Seriously, don't. I too have been drawn in by conspiracy theories. It all started with Art Bell and the aliens and went on to Alex Jones eventually. ( If anyone doesn't know who these guys are, you must research! They are at least entertaining.)

I must admit, I still find all these things fascinating. Not that I believe them necessarily, but it is amazing to see how they all adapt to and from each other, intertwine, converge, and split off. Not to mention the psychology behind them and their champions.

Who killed JFK? What are the world governments hiding about UFOs? Was 9/11 an inside job? - there are a million conspiracies and we could spend a life time researching, proving, or disproving them all. But why do that? What's the point?

I myself finally figured out why I got into it all in the first place: It's an escape. There was something unsatisfactory in my own life and these were fabulous distractions! Plus it was something very convenient to be passionate about. I must have passion in my life, and if I can save the world by convincing others of what is REALLY going on... Well then I wont be worthless any more! Maybe we can all band together and give the Illuminate what for!

All sarcasm aside, I do try to have an open mind about things. So who knows? Maybe it's all true. Can anyone prove it one way or the other? This is the problem with our "information age" -to much information! How do we discern what's true and what's B.S? Well, taking a class on critical thinking would help. Then there's the old adage, "consider the source."

But here is a great truth I have learned in my life: "The Truth is relative. Well, mostly relative, anyway." Here's another: "One man's prophet is another man's psycho." (I'm considering writing a book of my own proverbs, but I may not be as wise as my ego I thinks I am...) Beliefs are just choices. I can't prove the existence of God to anyone, but God's existence has been proven to me. Beyond a reasonable doubt. So I choose to believe in Him/Her/It. Just as others choose not to.

Why? Because hopefully our beliefs serve us in some way. Hopefully they empower us and make us better people. If we are secure in our beliefs, we really don't have to prove them to anyone. If they work for us, that's all that matters.

Sorry if I got a little esoteric or preachy, I do that sometimes. I am very interested what you think about all this. I know it's been over a year since your original post, but I'd like to know if you've figured anything out.

Myself, I came to terms with my own interest in conspiracies a while ago. So what if they're all true? So what? I still have to put my pants on one leg at a time and go to work in the morning...


Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy theories are spread mostly by people who haven't bothered to do their own thinking or research. As an example, the moon landing hoax theory... 'they' cite a variety of different reasons that suggest the Americans never went there, being too busy to go into all of them, but the main two are 1) radiation levels beyond the van allen belt are too high for people to survive and 2) converging shadows that suggest a direct light source just behind the subjects being photographed i.e. studio lighting is suspected.
1) Any simple research on the internet will demonstrate that although the radiation is higher in space than here on earth the levels experienced are perfectly within safe accepted levels for a limited time like the few days needed for a moon trip.
2) Put two subjects in front of a close light source and look at the shadows... they DIVERGE! not converge doh!
... The convergence is a familiar photographic phenomena that can be observed in many terrestrial photos of trees etc. where the light source is 93 million miles away.
Conspiracy theorists - go and read some real literature!

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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woofti aka groovy gravy

I find the work of David Icke, read in the context of the Bible, to be most helpful in understanding this wacky old world.

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Truth I am not interested in. Truth has far too many variables. Age, culture, biases, ethics, perspective, values and morals.

When you review only facts that can be proven, things become much more clear much more quickly. Take the 911 conspiracies. When the conspiracy peoples "facts" are properly analysed, the entire conspiracy falls to pieces and suddenly becomes a demented fantasy.

Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Hi Barstool and welcome to H2G2.

I have left a welcome message in your personal space.

Have a look at it and if you have any questions, I'm here to help you.

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Warning On Conspiracy Theories

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