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Icy North

Post the details here...

smiley - cheers Icy

Here's one you've missed!

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I've not noticed any in academic papers, but there are a couple in the Collins encyclopaedic dictionary. I'll look 'em up tomorrow night.

TRiG.smiley - smileysmiley - book

Here's one you've missed!

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Icy North

I'd be interested to see those, TriG smiley - smiley

I've just added two I found in the Collins Italian Dictionary - see under 2005.

smiley - cheers Icy

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Icy North

I've added a patent application for Howard Stapleton's Mosquito device, in which he cites the h2g2 entry A2398845 - Dispersing a Crowd. See under 2006. (I'm colouring patent applications blue, books purple and journals pale yellow).

(I didn't know about this when I wrote the entry A31699146 - The Mosquito - Sonic Teenager Deterrent)

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Sorry. I'd forgotten about this. If you annoy me enough, I'll get back to you.

TRiG.smiley - book

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Icy North

I won't annoy you for them, TRiG. I'll just be very grateful if you find the time.

Oh, I've just stumbled upon a huge pile of theses.

No, academic theses - doctorate submissions and things. I don't know whether these are worth recording too - they're treated as research material, but aren't published in peer-reviewed journals.

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Icy North

smiley - birosmiley - spaceI've added a reference to A10832384 - Cocaine - The History and the Risks

This was published in the Journal of Addictions Nursing, Volume 17, Issue 4 December 2006.

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Not an academic reference, but smiley - cool nonetheless:

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Icy North

If someone can supply me with full details (title, author and the text of the reference), then I'll add it.

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"Why Did it Have to be Snakes? From Science to the Supernatural, the Many Mysteries of Indiana Jones", by Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg.

The referenced Entry is Belzoni - Tomb Raider and Archaeologist. It's in 3 parts, A22548503 is Part 1, but I'm not sure which part is cited. It could be all three, really.

(And I just noticed that Gnomon mentioned that in a Conversation under your Referencing h2g2 Post Entry.)

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Icy North

Added, thanks! smiley - ok

I'll try to get the full details the next time I'm in a bookshop.

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Icy North

New one added (2007 section)

De Voil Indirect Tax Intelligence (whatever that is) references:

A807374 - The Quote 'May You Live in Interesting Times'

smiley - cheers Icy

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Icy North

9th March update:

I've found a number of newspaper articles which reference specific h2g2 entries, so I've decided to include them:

A139501 - International Driving Etiquette
(Sunday Times, 17 February, 2008)

A1067780 - Wedding Etiquette
(Sunday Times, 22 April, 2007)

A103177 - The Great British Breakfast
(The Times, 20 December, 2003)

A241976 - Beat Poetry
(Sunday Times, 15 June, 2003)

A640018 - International Tipping Etiquette
(Bath Chronicle, 16 June, 2007)

A3502531 - Sourdough
(Derby Evening Telegraph, 5 August, 2006)

A880670 - Baby Massage
(Daily Record, 6 June, 2006)

A1109648 - Land Rover Defender 110 - The Family Car
(Bath Chronicle, 21 February, 2006)

I've also found and added the following:

A13344969 - Ticks
(Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, March 2008)

smiley - cheers Icy

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Post 14

Icy North

Seven more newspaper references added (I'm working through a list of about 45 which I'll add in chunks):

A113923 - The World's Best Beaches
(Daily Mail, 20 June, 2000)

A4519 - Bank Robbery
(The Observer, 27 August, 2000)

A139033 - Scottish Dialect
(The Independent (London), 26 November, 2000)

A452134 - Prevention and Cures for Colds
(Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia), 4 July, 2001)

A267527 (deleted, title unknown)
(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 16 August, 2001)

A521524 - Religious Ceremonies that Mark Rites of Passage
(WE!, 1 September, 2002)

A710227 - Hammer - the Birth of a Studio
(The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey), 27 October, 2002)

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Post 15

Icy North


A403147 - Unusual Sports
(Turkish Probe (Ankara), 15 December, 2002)

A462188 - The Perfect Halloween Pumpkin
(The Mirror (London, England), 24 October, 2003)

A128143 - American Slang
(The International Herald Tribune, 31 January, 2004)

A696125 - 'Oranges and Lemons' - The Nursery Rhyme
(The Times Educational Supplement, 26 March, 2004)

A735734 - Benjamin Britten's War Requiem
(Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 17 October, 2004)

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Post 16

Icy North

A258608 - Discordianism
(Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 4 December, 2004)

A852833 - The Greek Myth of Heracles
(AsiaLaw, February 2005)

A147818 - Punch and Judy
(Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia), 21 August, 2005)

A1113346 - Moleskine Notebooks
(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock), 8 January, 2006)

A877971 - Chucking a Sickie
(Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 13 March, 2006)

A3826136 - The Legend and History of the Song 'Danny Boy'
The Daily Telegraph, 17 March, 2006

A1304957 - Mozart's Death - Murder, Accident or Disease?
(The Advertiser, 28 March, 2006)

A627662 - How May Day Became a Workers' Holiday
(The Times Educational Supplement, 28 April, 2006)

A533189 - Calculating the Volume and Surface Area of Various Solid Objects
(The Times Educational Supplement, 19 May, 2006)

A330968 - Knives
(The Guardian (London), 13 June, 2006)

A640018 - International Tipping Etiquette
(The Observer (England), 18 June, 2006)

A517655 - Carnival in Germany
(Sunday Herald Sun (Australia), 17 September, 2006)

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Icy North

A2930393 - Mozart's Mass in C Minor
(Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), 13 October, 2006)

A840683 - Apres Ski
(The Guardian (London), 28 October, 2006)

A422489 - British Town Planning
(The Guardian (London), 7 November, 2006)

A787917 - An Explanation of l33t Speak
(North Bay Nugget (Ontario), 28 December, 2006)

A663077 - The Way of the Warrior - Bushido and the Warrior Arts
(Word Ways, 1 February, 2007)

A17525540 - Hamilton, New Zealand
(Waikato Times (Hamilton, New Zealand), 7 July, 2007)

A804133 - French Cricket
(The Daily Telegraph (London), 28 July, 2007)

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Post 18

Icy North

And to complete this batch:

A6378230 - Gecko Tape
(The Sunday Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 29 July, 2007)

A590799 - How to Get a Good Night's Sleep
(Time Out, 22 August, 2007)

A787917 - An Explanation of l33t Speak
(The Union Leader (Manchester NH), 16 September, 2007)

A604270 - Farm Animals and their Names
(The Guardian (London), 9 October, 2007)

A876701 - Killer Flesh Eating Bugs!
(British Journal of Podiatry, 1 November, 2007)

A2408889 - Liverpool's Slave Traders
(The Guardian (London), 8 January, 2008)

A4350610 - The Presidents of the USA Before Washington
(The Bismarck Tribune, 18 February, 2008)

A103140 - Hangover Cures
(The News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 17 March, 2008)

A30560979 - A New Forest Walk - Ashurst to Brockenhurst
(The Daily Telegraph (London), 5 April, 2008)

A3790659 - Douglas Adams
(New Zealand Press Association, 17 September, 2008)

A256466 - Doodle Analysis
(The Times Educational Supplement, 26 September, 2008)

A765920 - Children's Party Games
(The Observer (England), 23 November, 2008)

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Post 19

Icy North

5 more:

A218882 - Handy Latin Phrases
(Politiken (Denmark), 13 January, 2002)

A412534 - How to Eat Weisswurst
(Computerwoche (Germany), 14 February, 2003)

A517655 - Carnival in Germany
(Berita Harian (Malaysia), 17 February, 2007)

A1056124 - Sightseeing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
(Rotterdams Dagblad (Netherlands), 2 August, 2007)

A2334160 - The Books of Neal Stephenson
(South China Morning Post, 5 February, 2006)

Here's one you've missed!

Post 20

Icy North

A778043 - Wedding Anniversaries
(Hull Daily Mail (England), 10 October, 2005)

A653924 - Remembrance Day - Poppy Day
(The Guardian (London), 9 November, 2004)

A175385 - Halloween
(The Guardian (London), 30 October, 2003)

A471476 - Units of Measurement
(Times Educational Supplement, 23 August, 2002)

I think that's it for the moment.

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