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Bright Blue Shorts

A bit more nostalgia for you all, in the form of an entry about jewelry, jewelry, jangle, jangle, Sir James Saville's popular Saturday evening show


A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Gnomon - time to move on

You should put the song at the start in italics or indented or something so that it stands out from the text.

The fix-it I remember was when some old guy who had been a chauffeur wanted to drive a Rolls Royce. Not only did he get to drive it, but Sir Jimmy was presented by Rolls Royce with miniature replicas of each of his five Rolls Royces.

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Leanne (ACE and Scout)

This is a really good entry smiley - smiley

Unfortunatly brought back memories of those scary tracksuits he use to wear smiley - tongueout and the cheesy song that I wont beable to get out of my head for the rest of the day smiley - sadface

Although I will have to agree with Gnomon and say make the song bold or italic so it stands out from the rest of the text smiley - yikes did I just say that!

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Global Village Idiot

My admittedly failing memory insists that JS had also previously been both a professional cyclist and a wrestler, in case that's of interest.

One strange thing was that in the credits he always made sure his "honours" were shown off: first he was "Jimmy Saville OBE" and then "Sir James Saville OBE" (which is silly, because the OBE is completely trumped by the Sir - it's like being a "BSc MSc"). He always claimed that this was because he got the awards for charity work, so he showed them to boost the charities. Hmmm...

Wasn't there a girl who designed a new outfit for Barbie and got to see it produced? I have a feeling Blue Peter may have cloned this recently, but I'm almost certain it was originally a JFI item.

The only minor error/omission I can see is that the badges actually bore the logo "Jim Fixed It For Me" (not 'Jim'll Fix It')

Apart from that, a veritable nostalgia-fest. Delightful!

(who never wrote in)
smiley - smiley

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Crystal Butterfly

Oh, this entry shot me straight back to my childhood! {almost!} hehehe
Who never wanted an armchair like Jim's?
With all the gadgets...
And the badge on the red ribbon definately said "Jim fixed it for me" I can see it in my mind's eye!
Plus like Leanne, I can't get that darned song out of my head! LOL!
A great entry!

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Bright Blue Shorts

Thanks for your comments. Had a bit of a rejig ....

- The song now looks better in italics.
- Added a new section on Jimmy's ego. But left out the stuff on professional wrestling and cycling. Actually now you say that, I seem to remember my neighbour telling me that he (my neighbour) used to play Rugby League with him (JS), or go running together or something. Also I remember reading that he (Jimmy) ran Broadmoor Mental hospital a few years back. He also stayed with his mothers body for about five days after she died. Maybe I know just a little too much about him!! There is a guide entry on him, so maybe this stuff could go in there.
- Added some more Fix-its

Anymore for anymore?

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Gnomon - time to move on

An interesting insight into Jimmy Saville's personality. He said that he hated children, so he pretended they were adults. Of course, they loved him for it.

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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h2g2 auto-messages

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Crystal Butterfly

The most recent programme I watched about him was very enlightening. He had an accident while running, a twisted ankle, I think, and he called the press from the hospital & they sent round a photographer and a reporter, then he read the paper out to his interviewer of the original programme, loving what they'd printed about him!
I remember when Jim's mum passed away, he played "I can't stop loving you" on his "Savile's Travels" radio show, I cried.smiley - cry
Being devoted to your mum is no bad thing.
When my mum passes away, there is no way I'm letting anyone else touch her. I will stay with her, I will dress her for burial.
I hope my daughter does the same for me.
A great man.
If Jimmy ever reads what we have written about him, I hope he's pleased.
~Crystal Butterfly~

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Zak T Duck


Very shortly your entry will gain Recommended status and be on the next stage towards making it into the Edited Guide. You will be cotacted by emial when it is ready for inclusion. Please be patient though as there is a bit of a queue.


A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Crystal Butterfly

smiley - bubblyBright Blue Shorts!
A truly great entry!
What are you writing about next?smiley - biggrin

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Bright Blue Shorts

I'm thinking about an entry on UK Car Number Plates (license plates to the under-developed nations). I may be a bit short on info though .....

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Bright Blue Shorts

In fact you'll find the entry on UK Vehicle Registration Plates in Peer Review at http://www.h2g2.com/F48874?thread=96651 ....

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Crystal Butterfly

*goes to read*

A490420 - Jim'll Fix It

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Does anyone remember Simon Le Bon being on Jim'll Fix It, back in 1985? He was dressed as a knight and rode into a school on a horse.

If anyone has a video clip of it, I would love a copy of it.

Also, could you remind me the names of the 2 girls that met Simon and where they lived? I was penpals with them and have lost touch.


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