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Silly Willy

...when I was but a wee lad and asked if I could read a newspaper wile floating on the dead sea. Alas, I never received a response smiley - sadface
smiley - silly

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Researcher 185254

see jim'll forum

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Researcher 185254

bring back jim

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Silly Willy


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Researcher 207718

I was 23 years old!! I got to meet Sir Jimmy Saville and Rustie Lee!!! Unfortunately I've left behind my video and badge so can't prove I was on it. Is there anybody out there who knows if the BBC can get me a copy of both?

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Researcher 228930

I was on Jim'll Fix It back in 1978.

I have written to the BBC but didnt receive a reply. I would also like to have a copy of the show that I was on.

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My husband was on the show in 1979 - still got the badge, scrapbook and signed certificate, but would also love a video of the episode.....looks like the BBC don't do them though, which is a bit of a shame for the kids and grandchildren, eh? Maybe we should send in a petition or something?

smiley - ok

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My father was on an episode of Jim'll fix it but i do not know when it was. He asked for a flight with the red arrows.
I am DESPERATE to get a copy of this episode however i believe they do not send them out.
If anybody knows different please forward me details of how to obtain one
[email protected]

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My name is Gemma, I'm Producing the return of Jim'll Fix it with Jimmy Saville (UKTV). I am looking for people that wrote into Jimmy Saville - I am interested to hear from those of you that went on the show and had your 'fix it' as well as people that wrote into Jim, but didn't get on the show. For those who didn't get on the show - I would like to know what you wrote into Jim about - as this time we may be able to make your dream come true! We will also be re-visiting old fix its.smiley - biggrin

Please e-mail me on
[email protected]
Many thanks!

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Back in 1979 I wrote into Jim - some three years later the phone went one night and it was Rodger Ordish from the BBC..........they had my letter still...did I still want to be a yellow coat on Hi-De-Hi.....as a 10 year old girl of course I did!
What I didn't know was that the edition I was to be in was the 1983 Christmas Special !
Off I went to the studios one day with my dad ......arrived and was welcomed ...shown to my own dressing room and then one by one the cast of Hi-De-Hi arrived and said hello - Ted, Gladys, Spike, Peggy, Jeffrey Fairbrother, the Twins, Fred.......you name them they were there!
Time came to go on stage for rehearsal before the audience arrived - Jim came to say hello and then it was into the filming!
I remember being so excited!smiley - smiley

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Do you have an email address for Roger Ordish?
He was very helpfull to me at the time of my Non-fix it back in 1991, and i would like to see if he still remembers the details and perhaps if he can help me.

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