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CaladanA Thatch Church

Welcome to Caladan, my home on H2G2. It's a quaint little cottage in the Village de la Vavoom. If you're new to the village, then why not look at the map of the area first?

Thatch Houses in the village

So, what do I think of my home? Well - it's a very nice place, and luckily it's fairly near to the H2G2 Waterworks where I work.

In the Village de la Vavoom

More Thatch Houses

So, what do I do in the Village de la Vavoom? When I come home from work in the waterworks, I enjoy exploring my hobbey of being a thatcher. Essentially what I do is thatch the roofs of thatched houses, and other thatched buildings. You can see a few examples of my work on this page.

A thatched house on the sea-front

Sadly, because I am so busy and out and about, I'm not always in - but I'm normally about in the evenings. If you do call when I'm out, I'll make sure I get back to you. And if you need any thatching done - let me know, and I'll find a free evening to do what I can.

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