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Ten years since the British Library

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Jim Lynn

I don't still have the white coat we all wore for the live launch on Tomorrow's World (and why isn't that still running, eh?) but I do still know where my towel is.

The site went live in the very early hours of the 28th. Most of the team slept in the office that night. I was sleeping next to the database and I had to force myself to stop checking how many people had signed up every two minutes so I could get some sleep.

By the next morning we were all pretty whiffy, so I needed to buy a towel. Luckily, being in Covent Garden, there was a rather splendid stall selling large colourful towels, so I bought one of those so I could have a shower.

I still have that same towel, and still use it all the time. It's lasted pretty well.

So has h2g2, really. Happy Birthday.

Ten years since the British Library

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The H2G2 Editors

Jim...no combination of smileys can possibly express our ongoing debt to you.

So...a simple thank you. And Happy Birthday! And please...have a new smiley - towel on us! smiley - winkeye

Ten years since the British Library

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kea ~ Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded but very well read blue and white website

You guys and gals all rock smiley - biggrin

Big, big, big thank-yous.

For the non-Brits, what's the relevance of the British Library?

Would love to hear any other ten year old stories smiley - ok

Ten years since the British Library

Post 4


Jim - did you think your code would still be running strong ten years on?!

You did a good job smiley - smiley

Ten years since the British Library

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Ten years since the British Library

Post 6

TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

smiley - laugh

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Ten years since the British Library

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