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Happy Birthday to Us

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I had my doubts when the BBC took over. My old identity at hootoo wasn't working but Peta helped me get going again- this time as shagbark U170775.
I have since survived several changes and now have 28 Edited articles.
I still wish I could visit some of the forum entries I did years ago but lack the F number and your Advanced Search Button usually just finds Articles not forum entries.

Happy Birthday to Us

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I remember joining the original H2G2 in September 1999.
I was then, simply GANDALF.
ue to some technical problems, (my bosses in Manchester twigged that I was spending more web time than my job entailed, so I got a 'Warning'
Then I came across a web disc that would bypass Head Office, and became Gandalf the White.

From there, all went swingingly well until 1205 on the 20th April 2001, when a car driver deided thatmy longe was a convenient parking space. No word of a lie).

My wife and I subsequently appointed an insurance assessor to persue our claim.
To cut a long story short, my wife and I are still persuing the XXXXXXX throug the coutrs.

We are hoping that the situation will be resolved this June...ine years late.

In the meantime, I have had to have a lung removed due to emphycoemia, and we are now in a sheltered flat.

As I cannot remember my old E-Mail addresses ad passwords, I am having to start again from scratch, hence I am now gandalfstwin.

smiley - oksmiley - kiss


Happy Birthday to Us

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orry,should have previewed. The xxxxxxx assessor owes us £2400.00...



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Happy Birthday to Us

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