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Mu Beta

Cor, it's like one of those chain-emails this, isn't it?

smiley - popcorn What's been your most memorable moment on h2g2?

A2700488 hitting the front page of the week and Jimster apparently showing it to every staff member of the BBC.

smiley - popcorn What's the funniest thing you've read on h2g2?

A1303453. SoRB at his acerbic finest. Although there are numerous long-forgotten threads - largely related to caption competitions, football banter (anyone remember Derek Palizcka?) and general randomness - that still make me chuckle on a regular basis.

smiley - popcorn Who or what have you been most touched by?

Physically or emotionally? You all knew I was going to say that...

Oh, I don't know. I'm not a very emotional person. It has of course been very shocking to hear the departure of several h2g2 acquaintances, and also in an odd way to hear of acrimony between h2g2 couples whom I both knew.

Pbysically? Well, you know who you are, ladies.

smiley - popcorn Has h2g2 affected your life?

Yeah. Wouldn't really be living where I'm living or married to my wife if it hadn't.

smiley - popcorn If so, in what ways? Have the changes been positive or negative?

Could I take the Fifth Amendment?

smiley - popcorn Have you met many friends on h2g2? Do they still use the site?

There are many people who I feel strangely attached too, thanks to this site. KerrAvon and Bruce, Beatrice, GreyDesk, Egon, Skankyrich, Ben and Z, Mina, Serephina and Ged, Gnomon, Bel, Phil and Metal Chicken, EV and Fords: they're all good friends - or if they find that too strong, passing acquaintances. So's Pin, despite the fact that I've never met him. Gosho's journals make the world his friends. And, if being punched in the nose makes friends, then 2legs is apparently a friend of mine.

smiley - popcorn If not, which characters do you remember most vividly and miss most strongly?

I'm hoping GreyDesk may return one day. And the enigma that is Greebo will always be one of the site's most wonderful characters. H2IQ is still sorely missed.

In some ways, I miss the days when we had seven Italics, and seeing the slopey writing turn up in a thread was always a good incentive to poke a bit of gentle fun at Abi, Ashley or Jimster - those were the days.

And Wolfden, of course. Things aren't the same since he left.

smiley - popcorn How long have you been using h2g2?

A tad over seven years, I believe.

smiley - popcorn If you're a long-time user, why do you still visit h2g2?

See the big list two popcorns up. Seriously, I've got more friends here than in real life. And there's invariably people I'd rather talk to here than on Facebook.

smiley - popcorn Did you think you'd be using the site in 2009?

The thought hadn't occurred to me.

smiley - popcorn Do you think you'll be using the site in 2019?

The thought doesn't occur to me.


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MB tells you what you didn't really want to know

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