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Bright Blue Shorts

Ok here's one for the nostalgia freaks. Takes me back to my childhood and treasure hunts.

Your comments please, ladies and gentlemen smiley - smiley


BRA date: 1st Feb 2001

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comment:it's so great that now it's going to be in the Edited Guide! thanks to you for your reccommendation and for writing for the Guide. you will be emailed when it gets finished being Edited, but this will take time, esp w/ all the changes that have just taken place, what w/ BBC and all.


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Editorial Note: This thread has been moved out of the Peer Review forum because this entry has now been recommended for the Edited Guide.

If they have not been along already, the Scout who recommended your entry will post here soon, to let you know what happens next. Meanwhile you can find out what will happen to your entry here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/SubEditors-Process


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