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rowing girl

Actually, you can see the popularity of coke in the huge amount of drinks it is mixed with...vodka and coke, rum and coke, whisky and coke, tia maria....
All rely on the caffeine hit to partially knock out the alcohol effects, making you last longer on a night out (what we all want)

other great mixers

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Researcher 170550

Vodka and coke just knocks me out totally. Rum seems to have a much more pleasant effect on me.

Of course, the best way to stay awake is to not drink alcohol. I find it's especially useful when you're incredibly low on funds cause the amount you spend on two or three drinks could get you into another club, or pay for a KFC variety meal at 2am, which believe me tastes *wonderful* when you're cold and waiting for the bus home.

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other great mixers

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