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Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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Ozzie Exile

It appears that mining will recommence at Hemerdon.


I worked at Hemerdon many years ago (in the 1980's) and it is interesting that this will re-open.

Whilst the headline is Tungsten I know that the area abounds in Tin as well, and I am sure that if this goes ahead Devon will be producing Tin and Tungsten again for the first time in over 30 years.

Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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Plymouth Exile

This is good news. Revised resource estimate for the Hemerdon Mine compiled by SRK Consulting show estimated totals (measured plus indicated plus inferred) of 215 million tons of ore at 0.02% tin and 0.18% tungsten, i.e. 43,000 tons of tin and 313,800 tons of tungsten.

Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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Ozzie Exile


Yes, the resources are there.

In fact, I suspect that the resources are even great.

Based on my recollections, whilst the Tungsten is concentrated in a relatively small cylinder of ore (and this looks like what your referred analysis is based on), outside of that area there is virtually no Tungsten but a rather higher proportion of tin.

If they are going to use an open cut they will get a lot more of the surrounding rock, and will hence get more tin.

From what I understand, the mine might have trouble working out where to put their spoil, because the underlying material would be viable - once you have an operational mine.

Lets's hope it goes ahead

Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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Ozzie Exile

It appears that mining of tin and tungsten at Hemerdon is that much closer, with now all of the financial hurdles overcome, with the funding now in place.


The mine will employ up to 230 people directly, with perhaps many more indirectly. It is one of the largest tungsten deposits in the world.

Hopefully, environmental issues have been adequately addressed.

Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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Ozzie Exile

Construction of Devon's new (olde) tin and tungsten mine is well underway.

Please see this aerial photograph of the construction site at Hemerdon Bal, near Plympton.


The mine is the first new mine in the UK for 45 years. It will cost £130m and employ hundreds of people.

It looks very different to the relatively small scale operation I worked at in the 1980's

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Mining to recommence at Hemerdon

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