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London Devonish

I agree Devon does need a flag that represents its celtic history and also its present. The Celtic cross design is great using the green white and black, but instead of a dragon or (fairly) mordern coat of arms,why not place a red wyvern in the centre? The red wyvern was des cribed as a symbol of the Dumnonian kings during the dark ages and has been usurped by wessex organisations. A wyvern is a two legged dragon with wings as opposed to the four legged dragon of Wales. This would reflect the heritage of Devon while being separate from either 'English' coats of arms or the Welsh DragoAny thoughts on this?

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Plymouth Exile

Researcher 215612,

Please also see my reply to you under 'Devon Flag Designs'. I must admit that I didn't know about the red Wyvern being a symbol of the Dumnonian Kings. Where did you find out that from? Unfortunately it is probably too late to use it now, as the Wessex Society has used it already.


Plymouth Exile

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