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Yowuzupman, in his history, has made use of many worldly and other worldly vessels. All of them have been modified from here to kingdom come and some bear no resemblance what so ever to their original design.

Space Vessels

Correllian Corvette

Modifications (Include but not limited to)

Main Reactor Core removed and replaced by Neutrino Warp Net

Main Reactor Core installed as Auxilary Reactor One

Previous Auxilary Reactor One renamed and rebuilt to Main Reactor Core Power Specs

Auxilary Reactor Two installed

Lifepods removed

Lifepod bays replaced by Ion and Plasma Cannons

Turbolazers Upgraded

Sheilds upgraded

3 New Sheild Generators Installed

5 New Sheild Projectors Installed

Power Conduites Replaced and Upgraded

Main Engines Upgraded

Auxilary Engines Upgraded

Sensor System Upgraded x10 (Won the Current Best in the Universe award)

Sensor Dish Replaced

Computer System Replaced and Upgraded

Hull Armor Improved with mass reduction

13 Missile Launchers Installed in the Ventral side

Yo's Correllian Corvette, the Da'Kaja, has preformed honorably. It survived the Titanic Fleet Battle fighting off numerous attacks by the Dropship, YK's StarDestroyer, and tons of small fighters, amoung other ships. It was a crucial ship in the fight for Triune063 and has blasted and slipped it's way out of hundreds of other situations and saved the life of it's commander more than a few times.

Ground Vehicles

1969 Corvette

Modifications classified

Mods used

Automatic Repair


Missile Launcher

Machine Gun

This is Yo's getaway vehicle. Always trusty, never caught-except once, see the Massive Grape incident in down town New York. The corvette is Yo's "baby"

1971 Hemi Barracuda

Modifications Classified

Mods Used


This new vehicle is only rumored to be Yo's, he has never been officially reported in this vehicle but there are unofficial sightings rolling in all the time

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