How to Have Fun with NaJoPoMo: A Subversive's Guide

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Do you NaJoPoMo? Do you know anybody who does? Here's how.

How to Have Fun with NaJoPoMo: A Subversive's Guide

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Some of you already know this. Others may be wondering why the Front Page conversation list is full of weird acronyms. Every other conversation, it seems, starts with 'NaJoPoMo'. What gives?

NaJoPoMo is h2g2's contribution to the November writing craze. In a frenzy, our dedicated writers are pumping out daily journal postings. (That's the 'Jo' part. The rest of it we're not sure about.) 32 different (and boy, are they different) h2g2ers are keeping those posts coming. Some are doing them the regular way – as journals. Others are going whole-hog and using GuideML, with archives, even. Either way, there's plenty to read. Many of these journals are sane (well, relatively) discussions of current events or personal experiences. Others are. . . well, this is h2g2, after all: there are pop quizzes and serialised stories, a list of movies to watch, etc, etc, and etc. To read, scroll down to the bottom of the NaJoPoMo page, and read the link for the date, or check the Permalinks thread.

Obviously, if you haven't already started, you can't keep a daily journal. (Until next year, of course, put it on your to-do list. Your hootoo to-do list.) But you can still have some fun reading all this. How, you ask?

By commenting. Snarkily, if possible.

For example, egg Paulh on by reacting to the latest installment of his cliffhanger serial, 'The Perils of Paulh': 'Oh, gosh! I didn't think your wife-of-the-day could get more glamorous than the last one! Why don't you marry Bette Midler tomorrow?' Or some such. Icy North is dead easy to tease: just claim your answers are better than the real ones. You can always kibitz on your Editor's Freebie Film Tips by replying that they aren't worth what you're paying for them. You get the drift.

I don't know if the Create team are giving out badges for reading, but if so, Amy Pawloski is gonna win one. She's confirmed that she's read just about every post so far, by putting a note on each thread. You go, girl!

So what are you waiting for? November's passing, and you haven't read yourselves into a coma yet. Get clicking! And don’t spare the sarcasm.

Of course, alternatively, you can be all interested and insightful and caring and like that. . . nah. Leave that to the nice people, like 2legs.

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