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Physician, Heal Thyself

A few weeks ago I first told you all about the trapped nerve in my arm. I have since seen a physiotherapist a couple of times. He is of the view that the problem is mainly in my neck. Anyway, that really isn't what matters. What matters he is he is applying some judicious pressure to my back and neck area and has advised me as to how exactly to keep my head and arms moving in order to get the muscles moving properly. He's not done with me yet, but already I am feeling the benefits.

The week prior to that revelation I talked about a survey which suggested that a significant quantity of carers felt that their carers' duties were having a negative impact on their health. I filled in that survey, as it happens, but I didn't go along with that view for myself. The reason for this is that, while the strain can be trying, it is also a prompt. By 'it' of course I really mean 'she'. My wife simply will not accept me caring for her if I am not prepared to look after myself. So I seek medical attention wherever necessary, and follow my instructions diligently. Now that my pain is easing I am less tired, so I am more inclined in the evenings to get back to my exercises. Some I was given several years ago when it was suggested to me by a different physio that I have tight hamstrings. Some exercise I do on our exercise bike. Others, I have to admit, I am doing to try and tighten up my stomach muscles. A little vanity, perhaps, but it does all add up.

Not so very long ago I went to see my Doctor. Among a series of relatively minor maladies I told him I was feeling tired a lot. He explained to me quite frankly that, as a carer, this is how I might expect to feel. It is a tiring, demanding and stressful thing to do, especially when you are also trying to do an actual job. So with that it mind I owe it to myself to be is reasonably shape (I can't claim to be fit or anything) so that any additional strains and stresses I might undertake are bearable. This means not only physical well-being but mental relaxation as well. I am trying to get back into reading, currently beavering away at War of the Worlds, H G Wells being one of the authors suggested to me in a conversation on this very site. I'm writing for NaJoPoMo at the moment, which I do enjoy, and after that- well it will be Christmas soon. There will be more blathering from me in the coming weeks no doubt. Expect insight and wisdom and periodic whining about stuff, and perhaps the faint whiff of incense.

Oh, and I do keep forgetting to mention: if you are, or have been, or will be, or would like to be, affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please visit Carers of H2G2.

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