The Post Quiz: Famous Firsts (from the Edited Guide)

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Famous Firsts (from the Edited Guide)

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How much do you know about these famous firsts?

Multiple choice.

  1. What equipment did you need to run the first computer game?
    • An X-box.
    • A television set.
    • A PC.
    • A programmable data processor.
  2. Which country had the first manned space flight?
    • The USA.
    • The USSR.
    • The UK.
    • Germany.
  3. What was Joe Clough of Jamaica the first black man to do in London?
    • Play professional cricket.
    • Teach at a university.
    • Drive a motorbus.
    • Publish a novel.
  4. What was the world's first atomic-powered submarine called?
    • The U-235.
    • The Captain Nemo.
    • The USS Nautilus.
    • The HMS Isle of Wight.
  5. Everyone knows that carpenter William Banting built the Duke of Wellington's coffin. (Of course.) What important first is Banting also responsible for?
    • The first bathing machine.
    • The first diet plan.
    • The first theme park.
    • The first solar-powered windmill.
  6. What does the First Amendment to the US Constitution allow people to do?
    • Carry guns.
    • Publish on the internet.
    • Refuse to permit immigration.
    • Vote in elections.
  7. Which moon mission involved the first landing?
    • Gemini 6.
    • Apollo 11.
    • Apollo 8.
    • Apollo 13.
  8. What was Wilbur Wright the first person to fly around the Statue of Liberty?
    • A hot-air balloon.
    • A hang-glider.
    • A canoe.
    • A replica of King Kong.
  9. What was Jonathan Wild famous for?
    • Being the first British drag queen.
    • Being the first Briton to swim the English Channel. (That's the Pas de Calais to you other people.)
    • Being the first organised crime lord in London.
    • Being the first deportee to Australia.
  10. Just to see if you pay attention: what 'first' song did Ewan MacColl write for his girlfriend Peggy Seeger?
    • 'First Love'.
    • 'The First Day of the Rest of My Life'.
    • 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'.
    • 'Get It Right the First Time.'

A wealth of fact: that's the Edited Guide. How well did you know/guess/remember? Click on the picture to find out.

A picture of 'Buzz' Aldrin walking on the surface of the Moon taken by Neil Armstrong in July 1969.
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