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Time to test the little grey cells.

TV Detectives

A typical Sexton Blake cartoon pose of our hero dashing into danger.

Are you good at sleuthing? Do you usually guess who the villain is before the first soap commercial? Test your knowledge of these famous TV detectives. Match the detective to their description.


  1. Wears an old mac, and drives a Peugeot. Maddening manner.
  2. Talks to dead people to solve the crime. Lives in a warm climate.
  3. Never talks to dead people. Doesn't believe in ghosts. Lives in a windmill.
  4. Supercool, may be a secret Royal. Valet's first name is Magersfontein.
  5. In new UK version, he's way snarky. In new US version, he has far too many tattoos.
  6. Massively irritating accent, moustache, and 'little grey cells'. Great snob appeal, though.
  7. In UK version, confused cop thinks Manchester may be heaven. In US version, Harvey Keitel's his boss.
  8. On both Swedish and UK TV, this detective is grumpy, frumpy, and existentialist. The UK version's got a British knight, though.
  9. Often referred to as 'the Defective Detective', this guy goes through more cleaning supplies than your average sleuth.
  10. This crime-solver lives on an island. (Not, not Wight.)
  • Sherlock Holmes.
  • Bergerac.
  • Wallander.
  • Hercule Poirot.
  • Albert Campion.
  • Jonathan Creek.
  • Sam Tyler.
  • Columbo.
  • Monk.
  • Alison Dubois.

Think you're ready to be hired by Scotland Yard? Click on the picture below for answers.

Peter Falk as Detective Columbo.
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