Suzie Q Meets Vienna

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Suzie Q Meets Vienna

This time, the Post Editor is the Suzie Q tourist. I asked Tavaron many very silly questions, because I am ignorant of Viennese Culture. Read this: you will know more than you did before.

BelvedereSloping terrain.
The story begins with the Belvedere.

Tavaron informs us that 'at the time it was built it was outside of the city walls. It was the castle of Prinz Eugen, one of the most important military officers of Austria in the past.'

She adds, 'there's mainly an art gallery inside, an important Klimt collection.'

Dmitri, idiotically, 'Does it include the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies?'

Tavaron: 'No, but there's The Kiss.'

Tavaron: Oh, those people? Random strangers.

Tavaron: 'I didn't manage to get a photo without people.'

Dmitri: 'Good. Maybe they'll recognise themselves and join h2g2.'
As you can see, the terrain slopes quite a bit.
This may explain the placement of the statuary.
But it utterly fails to explain its astonishing subject matter.
Tavaron: 'There are a lot of fountains, but they are mostly not turned on, for conservation reasons.'
Dmitri: Aha! I see it's still sphinx season in Vienna.

'That is one sexy sphinx.'

Tavaron: 'Yes, isn't she?'
Tavaron says this man is wrestling a crocodile.

Dmitri: 'Are you sure it isn't an alligator?

Why is he wrestling a crocodile, anyway?'

Tavaron: ' I have no idea. Maybe to impress the mermaids, who if I remember correctly had a bath next to him.'
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