Video: Stylophone Serenade

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Video: Stylophone Serenade

A stylophone

Inspired by Dmitri's video showcasing his new skills at playing the Melodica, I located my Stylophone and decided to try playing a proper tune. Previously I had just used the stylus randomly to test the different sound options offered by the device, which was fascinating in its own way, but not worthy of videoing.

My quest proved to be slightly tricky, as the Stylophone keyboard only has one and a half octaves to play with, which is rather limiting. Even simple tunes such as 'Love Me Tender' are out of bounds as the high F just isn't there. My first keyboard tutorial book was helpful, though - I eventually found a tune that was playable both with a stylus and with limited notes but which was not too simple either.

Thus I present to you my Stylophone rendition of 'Wooden Heart'.

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