What Has Robbie Been Up To? A Suzie Q Ferguson Mystery Documentary

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What Has Robbie Been Up To? A Suzie Q Ferguson Mystery Documentary

Hannah Crichlow wiring Rowan Williams up for scientific meditation

At any given time, Robbie Stamp is liable to be somewhere on the planet. We're never quite sure where.

He sends us these cryptic messages and photos.

See if you can puzzle it out: is this some esoteric experiment designed to help human evolution along, involving Hannah Crichlow, Robbie, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury?

Or is it a plot workshop for the next season of Doctor Who?

You decide.

A brilliant conference with my companion hippo talisman, acquired during the making of the HHGG movie.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams wired up and meditating live on stage at the Hay Festival.

With the fabulous Hannah Crichlow.
Programme with hippo talismanThe former Archbishop of Canterbury with electrodes.

We have one comment: 'No, not the Mind Probe!'

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