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I don't agree with the article I think it puts to much emphasis on Acadian "innocence" and British and by extension Canadian (given the inclusion of a Canadian flag) "guilt". My understanding of the issue is dfferent.
I have a problem with the treatment of the Canadian flag given the context of the article. I'd like to suggest that an Acadian flag would be appropriate and more suitable to the article.

article A2459595

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The H2G2 Editors

Dear Slim2, we are sorry to hear that you don't agree with the article. However, the article, written by a member of the public (and a member of the h2g2 community), has been reviewed by its peers in our Peer Review process (Canadians among them) and so we are happy to go with the consensus here.

If there is anything substantially factually wrong with the piece then please do let us know. If your objection is one of a matter of opinion, well that's valid too; indeed, conversation threads underneath Entries form part of the content of the Entry too and we note that you have already had a conversation with the author.

The picture in no way is meant to 'insult' the Canadian flag or to 'treat' it in a derogatory way; rather, it is a creative illustration that serves to capture the essence of the the article.

We hope you understand.

h2g2 Editors

article A2459595

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well he's already made a change to the article, presumably because he knew that what i was saying was correct.

what i'd like to know is how a disfigured Canadian flag fits into an article on Britain, France and Acadia. Canada didn't even exist for another 125 years after these events. i'm not saying it's not creative, it's too creative, it serves to tie Canada in with events that your article portrays as British wrongdoings. i don't happen to agreee, i think the deportation was justified under the circumstances. but either way they did not involve Canada. therefor i do not understand what essence of the article is portrayed with this image.

so no, i don't understand. but i do know that my grandfather nearly died in no-man's land representing the country that that flag would come to represent helping to save your country. show more respect.

bear in mind, people can have the best of intention and meaning and still be doing the wrong thing. that is what you have done by sullying Canada's reputation and besmirching it's flag.

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article A2459595

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