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Close shave in the snow

Their guardian angels were all on the job!

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NaJoPoMo 1/11/2012 (Galaxy Babe)

White rabbits!

I am glad it is finally November as I've been waiting for an operation to give me a new lease of life (I hope). I've been given a pre-op clinic date of 5th Novsmiley - tekcor (at Scunthorpe Hospital) and a provisional (subject to change) date for my smiley - brokenheartop. of 15th Nov which is a fortnight today. I have managed to organise NHS transport as I won't be able to drive for a while afterwards.

Two nights ago the chest pain was so bad I couldn't sleep. I considered ringing 999 and envisioned being carted off in an ambulance to Grimsby then Hull and having my chest ripped open, and just as quickly dismissed the thought. I'll wait for the organised stent-fitting and hopefully have a fully-functioning smiley - love again with little recovery time.

I'm joining the NaJoPoMo 2012 because it's an incentive to still be here in December. I will NOT flood my friends' convos though, there will be just one journal from me which I will update daily. Just the title will change, and of course I want my friends to replysmiley - ok

Here's to a great Novembersmiley - bubblyand an even better December to comesmiley - winekey

smiley - hugsmiley - smoochsmiley - cuddlesmiley - kiss
Annie aka GB
smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

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Murder mystery evening

I was at a murder mystery evening at Laura's house last night, it was character-participant and we all had to dress in home-made or charity shop wares, with a strict spending limit of £20. Some of the outfits were brilliant. One girl had made her own (Victorian-style) complete outfit! I wore my silver sparkly long dress as I was an aristocrat, but I found a wedding tiara in a charity shop and dyed my hair violet. Karl looked resplendent in a scarlet Captain's coat. Laura looked gorgeous in her black lace dress with her hair up. My sister Yvonne & her hubby Perry came - the rest were Karl's family & their friends. I think there were around 20 altogether including two "police" who were about Liam's age! Liam was "Dodger" who was in love with the maid Martha, who was having an affair with just about all the men. She was so into her character, dusting everywhere when no-one was talking to her, and even though I asked her some very blatant questions, she kept her cool and came up with some outlandish answers. I was convinced she was the murderess - wrong! We all had 2 votes each, for best costume and best character. I voted for Laura's costume (biased, I know!) and Martha the maid's character. Martha won best character and the best costume was my "son" who played 2 characters, he played the Earl who got bumped off in the first 5 minutes and when we all exited that room he disappeared and came back as William the Earl's son who wanted to be a ballet dancer (and appropriately dressed). In all a brilliant night, if a bit long for me, as it began at 6.30pm prompt and I was the first to leave at 11pm. I didn't even get a lie-in as Goldie jumped on me so I got up to alter all the clocks back an hoursmiley - groan I didn't take my camera but some photos were taken so if I spot any on Facebook or Laura emails me any I'll publish them here for your enjoyment.

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Universal translator

Star Trek becomes more science fact every day.

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Twinning with Mars

Glenelgs, Scotland, Earth is being twinned with Glenelgs on Mars.

I wonder if there's a Cleethorpes on Titan. Just imagine the viewsmiley - planet

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