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Universal translator

Star Trek becomes more science fact every day.

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Twinning with Mars

Glenelgs, Scotland, Earth is being twinned with Glenelgs on Mars.

I wonder if there's a Cleethorpes on Titan. Just imagine the viewsmiley - planet

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Happy Lincolnshire Day from a Lincolnshire lass smiley - smiley

It's my Mum's birthday (she's from Yorkshire) she is 93. Tonight my sister has organised a surprise party for her in a fish & chip restaurant in Cleethorpes. I just hope I am up to it, I had a bad night with chest pain and being uncomfortable, I am so tired now but I've got to get to the hospital for pre-op tests of ECG and bloodtest. Then I have to go into town to find a happy birthday balloon inflated with helium as my sister didn't have time, and I still have to find something I can post to Sheffield for Harrison's 4th birthday next week.smiley - dontpanic

smiley - run

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Dining Room project

...has begun. This is my old bedroom, which had patio doors put in place of the old window/radiator, so there's no heat in there. I've started wallpaper stripping but the promised help hasn't materialised, so I'm having to pace myself. Not looking forward to dismantling/rebuilding the wardrobe, I need it in my new bedroom, as all my clothes are on a temporary double rail, covered by a spare curtain.

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Heart clinic appointment

I have a smiley - doctorsmiley - lovecheck-up tomorrow, at 8amsmiley - yikes

I can't believe it's 7 years since I wrote F43348?thread=594776 and I've been taking the tablets ever since.

My symptoms haven't improved though, I still get chest pain, and blue fingernails when I'm cold, and I couldn't mount 2 flights of steps without getting breathlesssmiley - puff

I had a fasting blood testsmiley - vampireon Tuesday morning in preparation of this appointment, so hopefully I won't be long and home in time for smiley - racket1 and another smiley - tea

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