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Florida Sailor - Cleaning up from Irma

>True, but with jewellery, the bit I like is the making. Sitting all day at my bench making things and getting dirty - when I'm polishing I look as though I'd blacked up! (I'll frain from muttering about my stupid brains inability to work). I don't even mind working with the public, I just hate it at work because I have no idea what I'm talking about! At least with jewellery I do.


Forgive me for intruding, after reading your above post the thought crossed my mind that you might find some satisfaction in jewellery repair and renovation. I know your passion is in your own design and I understand that, but a chance to sit at your own bench and do the work you seem to enjoy so much might be a chance to return through the back door. You could make use of the skills you have worked so hard to learn and make contacts with people who could help you market your own designs when you are ready, and be paid for your trouble.

Please just think of me as an old smiley - senior uncle on the other side of the ocean. smiley - biggrin. All the design I do is sitting at a computer putting out drawings for the shop, and most of the designs are by others, I just have to make them work in the real world.

I do not presume to tell you what to do, but I thought an idea might prove useful.

smiley - cheers
Fsmiley - dolphinS

PS: tell me about the Muppets in your head

A Thought for Em

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Emily...overly fond of the ellipsis...and top ten lists...submit yours @ A87824361...

Truth be told, I've always stayed away from repair work. My tutor/ex-boss, Craig, told me it wasn't a good idea to do repairs on work that wasn't your own.

The reason being, you don't always know what metal their jewellery is made of, or if it's been accurately hallmarked, plus, even if you do, if I take a piece of jewellery to repair and damage it irrevocably, I have to provide a piece of jewellery of equal worth. So, you go to do a £20 solder repair and end up having to shell out £200 because the piece melted. It can be a bit of a mine field if it goes wrong.

Plus, as a jeweller, if one of my pieces work or got damaged, I would rather someone came back to me and I would repair it at my own cost rather than expecting someone elses. I know that sounds stupid, because repair work would keep my hand it, but I hate the idea of ruining something that someone treasures.

It's bad enough at the opticians, we have to warn people that if we do repairs it's at their risk, otherwise the best thing to do is send it to a specialist.

Dunno, will get there eventually, just work's getting me down and I've been really flat the last couple of weeks. I just can't quite get my mood up.

Em smiley - cheerup

PS: I watched the Muppet Movie last week and have had one of the songs lodged in my brain since then. I'd say it was driving me insane but who doesn't love Muppets?

A Thought for Em

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Florida Sailor - Cleaning up from Irma

Hi Em;

Sorry to have not written back sooner, We spent a quiet New year with the TV specials and didn't even say up late enough to sing the song smiley - sadface

I have a Scottish question for you, if you don't mind. I have a fun little Flea Market rescue in Peer Review about 'Night' A87782296. I mention the Scottish term 'the gloaming' for twilight, but I want to ask if there is another term for the light before the sun comes up (dawn or pre-dawn in my world) If so I would love to add it.

I hope all is well for you and your familysmiley - biggrin

smiley - hug

Fsmiley - dolphinS

A Thought for Em

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Florida Sailor - Cleaning up from Irma

Happy Easter, I hope the smiley - bunny was good to yousmiley - chocsmiley - chick

F smiley - dolphin S

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