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Welcome to h2g2. My name is Solnushka, and I'm one of the Assistant Community Editors, known as ACEs ( ) . We try to speak to everyone who signs up to make sure they're OK, offer them a cup of tea smiley - tea , that kind of thing.

If you are looking at a screen that is light blue and white, then you are looking as the new site, known as Barlesque. Unfortunately it's not quite working properly. For now I recommend you switch back to the old skin by going to www /dna/h2g2. I'm afraid you'll have to type that web address (minus the spaces) as links aren't working in the new skin at the moment. You can get back here by clicking on the 'My Space' button which will return you to your own home page.

I seriously recommend switching right away to get rid of all the bugs. The old skins may not be quite as pretty, but they work, and that's the crucial thing right now. They will fix the bugs, they've promised, but these things take time and I'd hate for you to be scared off because the site doesn't work!

If your screen is made of coloured boxes, there's no need to click the link as you already using the site that works. You can also choose a different skin by clicking on the Preferences button.


So! h2g2! What can I tell you?

Firstly, you probably joined up here because you were reading an article or conversation and wanted to write a comment. Brilliant. smiley - magic We need comments like that to keep the Entries up to date, or even just feedback for the writers so that they know their work is being appreciated.

For a quick overview into all the different ways you can contribute, have a read through A83344313. There are many different places and even if you don't want to contribute a lot there will be a place for you.

In the mean time, why not update your Space? If you go to your Space you can click on the 'Edit this Entry' button and write a couple of lines. Most of us are anonymous here so don't feel you have to put up anything about yourself unless you want to. Perhaps you could write about how you found us, or why you joined as that's really interesting to people who drop by to find out more about this exciting new person.


h2g2 is big, but please don't let it put you off. It's full of friendly people and creative sorts. If you're finding it hard to navigate, tricky to create an Entry, or anything at all - just reply. I'm subscribed to this thread so I will be here next time I'm online to sort you out. Promise.

All the best,


There is also the news that h2g2 is being sold off by the BBC, as their new BBC Online vision doesn't include any community-based projects. It is definitely not the end of h2g2 - in fact, you may have joined at about the most exciting point in its 12 year history! Read more at A80427071.

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Welcome to h2g2!

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