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power washer meets not long put on paint, hmmm, are they going to paint and wash again smiley - headhurts

I'd go out scrub down a surface, do some art, claim it is a Banksy of the future and put out some smiley - petuniassmiley - petunias

reclaim your porches I say smiley - peacesign

and make smiley - tea and give out biscuits when the power washers and painters come and ask them what they think of your art

smiley - whistle


Post 122

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl Good idea.


Post 123


Hi guys smiley - hug

How are things with you, have the works finished? I hope you have had some good days to enjoy the pool.

I have a litle queue of things that I have thought would like to tell Dmitri and Elektra about, they are not earth shattering, I hope you don't mind me whittering on smiley - rolleyes

Our big news is that Hiccup is in Italy, smiley - wow, that I am sure you will hear about here and there. She is loving it.

Our next big news is that the 3 legged kitten is over for a visit, he is allowed out, better still he was here when Hiccup skyped, so I could share his first visit, we really liked that. Purrfect timing

He is very mobile, he was trying to catch a fly and stood up on his one back leg, and very much the same kitty we know and love. A quick hello, then on with scoffing Scrathy's biscuits a bit of attention if you please and I am going to just have a good nose around to see what has changed.

Hmmm, that veggie plot wasn't there before but the house looks much the same smiley - laugh

He stayed for an hour and asked to go out the front. I expect he relishing his freedom.

In others news, I've been on the smiley - blue side. Yesterday I was also feeling some distress by the badger cull and the far right protests in responce to the murder of a solider,Lee Rigby.

These things came together yesterday and apparently a group of women protesting against the cull, dressed in black and white with badger masks on their heads chased a group of nationalists down the road and they ran away smiley - snorksmiley - badgersmiley - herosmiley - badger

Oh, how that story lifts my spirits, along with the Mosque in York that offered smiley - tea and a discussion and a game of football with the EDL

Sorry long post, I did say there was a queue didn't I?

Any news for me, I'd like to hear from you smiley - hug


Post 124

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Hi, there. smiley - smiley Sounds like you've been very busy.

Sorry to hear about the badgers. smiley - sadface

But that's good news about the kitten. smiley - smiley

Be sure to tell us all about Italy. I hope she has a great time. smiley - biggrin

They're still working on the parking lot. The other day, we woke up to find out they'd moved our car - last minute, with no notice. We spent quite a while in the hot sun figuring out where they'd moved it to. But all was well.

The pool is great. smiley - smiley Going to get the Post up, then go out there. smiley - fish


Post 125


Blimey, I would have had quite a turn if my car wasn't where I left it.

Thanks for putting smiley - thepost I have been reading it this morning while having a smiley - coffee, a great start to the day I say smiley - biggrin

News from Italy, the smiley - coffee is fab, they have found a nice place in town to have lunch or a smiley - coffee, and a waiter in the phwoar catagory.

They went up in a lift thing which was in a mountain and popped out on top smiley - bigeyes

She felt a little queasy in the lift. Which is probably better than Spiller and I would have done. Spiller is creeped out by enclosed spaces and heights can make my head spin. So we would have probably wanted a little lie down at the top and kissed the ground when we got back down smiley - laugh


Post 126

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Wow. That sounds like quite a ride. smiley - biggrin

Tell her to watch those Italian waiters. They're suave. smiley - whistle


Post 127


I keep reminding everyone of their Chaperone and Chaperonee status

At least he doesn't work in the hotel smiley - winkeye,

Apparently there is someone with a really smiley - cool moustache that works there that Granny was quite taken with, he is about 60 according to Hiccup, so it is ok for Granny to look.

I said that Hiccup should chaperone Granny to the bar then smiley - whistle


Post 128

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - rofl Good idea.


Post 129


Yesterday they went up top of Vesuvius and to Pompeii but I have to wait for the pics in email for the full report.

All I know so far that it was so bumpy on the bus you spent more time off the seat than on it smiley - boing

They saw some dead people and went to the brothel where there are beds in rooms and nudey pictures

They have brought a giant lemon and are taking it sight seeing with them, the lemon is very photogenic smiley - laugh


Post 130

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Wow. Adventures galore. smiley - biggrin


Post 131


You have been recruiting for smiley - thepost,can I second Lanza's recommend smiley - cool

Have you seen the pic of Dogzilla in a previous journal post?

awww, butter wouldn't melt... smiley - snork


Post 132

Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - ok I've left a message.

No, I haven't seen the picture. smiley - run


Post 133


Hi Guys

Kitteh update. They have got to know each other again and are off their war footing and back to playing like they used too smiley - cool

Honestly they are right terrors. They have been bombing around the house chasing each other on a indoor circuit.

They would leave quite a trail of destruction if we liked ornaments as the kitty parkour involves chasing each other along window sills behind curtains and springing off other shelves and surfaces. If it was my Mum's place she would 'go nuclear' as we used to say when we were teenagers and in big trouble.

They are also fond of a stealth attack. Hiding under the sofa is a fave. Targets are indiscriminate smiley - cat or human they pounce on whoever goes past first. Except for Scratchy he doesn't play and they know it!

As for Scratchy, only God knows what he has eating, the dirty bomb he left in the spare room was foul and the fumes were quite overwhelming. It required a liberal use of household chemicals to clear that one up smiley - yuk

Anyway, enough of me, I do drone on, at least it wasn't about the rain...

How are you guys?

Very interesting journal post you wrote yesterday Dmitri. I will try to heed your call to 'WRITE MORE. Write often, and long, and truthfully. Tell all of your ideas. Philosophise, criticise, analyse. Let the beggars have it!'

In the meantime if there is anything in this post that warrents a smiley - lurk,

smiley - tongueoutsmiley - nahnahsmiley - tomato,

and egg in your face thanks to Edward Snowden smiley - hero


Post 134

Dmitri Gheorgheni

I'm sure you've confused all the spies in the world with your smiley - cats. smiley - winkeye You also used the word 'bomb'. smiley - whistle

Oh, we're fine, thanks. smiley - rofl No news.

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