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h5ringer calling DG

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Hi Dmitri. I'm subbing your Entry A87778291 'Hillbilly - What It Means, When (Not) to Say It'.

The dipping snuff link appears to be broken. I can't find an alternative. Do you have one or shall I just remove the link?


h5ringer calling DG

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Hi, h5ringer! smiley - biggrin Thanks for doing this.

I can't find that article now, either - got Bad Gateway and such.

How about this one? It's funnier, and it told me things I didn't know:

My cousins told me that when they were kids, they stayed with a babysitter because their mother was a nurse. The babysitter lady wasn't too keen on kids. She'd send them out in the backyard to play. Their only toys were empty snuff tins that she'd washed out. smiley - whistle This was in Georgia.

h5ringer calling DG

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ok that's me done then. Let me know if you're happy and I'll send it off to those good 'ol Editor guys smiley - laugh

h5ringer calling DG

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - ok That looks great to me. As my grandfather would have said, 'You did a good job of work, there.' smiley - winkeye

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