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Waves back, Mr Fulton

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Hola,smiley - smiley

I read your waves at me at the Monsanto thread, but I haven´t posted anymore there,nor I´m going to. I see you can deal with those "witty" men, I can´t, now at least.

But didn´t want to leave the place again without sending you my appreciation and say thank you for your kindness.

Yesterday I was tyding my computer desk and found a book which is waiting for me to be read, it´s easy to find in pdf in the web, I thought of you:

maybe you find interesting to write a review for the Post or just to have a pleasurable reading, it´s short and it seem tasty. Probably you know it.

take care amigosmiley - hug

Waves back, Mr Fulton

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - towel

How kind of you to think of me.
smiley - ta

I had a look at that link and was
quite surprised to see what it was
and who the author was. Once again
I am reminded of how little I really know,
and how much 'stuff' there is to know
in this crazy whirled. At the same time,
seeing the review and the comments, I
was pleased to see so many others have
taken up the cause. With mixed emotions
I must retreat to my standard posture of
ambivalent hope and despair and leave such
battles to the young and the more dedicated.

My attention span has never been sufficient
to take up causes for long. My knowledge and
talents regarding gardening and agriculture
are limited to an occasional admiration for
others. I am as in awe of those who can grow
a simple house-plant as I am of rocket-science,
medicine and politics. It is all, as the Brits
say, "beyond my ken".

Take care, and do stay in touch. There are still
a few folks around h2g2 who appreciate your energy,
concern and wonderfully creative use of the language.

smiley - love

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Waves back, Mr Fulton

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