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Curiosity killed the cat...

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Ming Mang

...but I'm not a cat so hopefully it shouldn't kill me. I am, in fact, an ACE (Assistant Community Editor) and it means that I have volunteered to personally meet and greet newcomers to the Guide such as yourself. smiley - smiley
Welcome to H2G2 Thomas the Nearly Sane!! smiley - smiley
An antithesis of an Electric Monk?
OK, try unconvincing me of this: I'm sure that I have no idea about anything. smiley - smiley

If you have any questions, ask away... I may not be able to answer them accurately or even at all, but I'll be able to find someone who can. smiley - smiley You can also go and ask the rest of the ACEs at - smiley
Don't worry if it takes you a while to get back... I have a plentiful if not endless supply of smiley - donuts and smiley - cake and will sit here eating them until you return. smiley - biggrin So there's no hurry! smiley - winkeye But do have a doughnut or some cake yourself. smiley - smiley
*offers smiley - donut and smiley - cake*
smiley - biggrin


Curiosity killed the cat...

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Thomas the Nearly Sane

Piece of smiley - cake.

The paradox is in fact the basic building block of the doubt business.

Your certainty regarding your lack of ideas is, ipso facto, an idea sufficient to create doubt about - if not to disprove outright - itself. However, one may not justify thereby a leap to the opposite conclusion (i.e., "I cannot be sure I have no idea about anything"), as the uncertainty underlying the idea (hence the surety in the idea itself) is strengthened by the idea having been disproved by itself.


In other matters:

1. Thanks for the welcome and, of course, for all the yummy snacks.

2. Don't worry about the accuracy of your answers, so long as they are at least definitively inaccurate.



Curiosity killed the cat...

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Ming Mang

D'oh! I /knew/ there was something wrong with it when I was writing it but I couldn't think what... thanks for clearing that up. smiley - biggrin And I like the way you think. smiley - smiley Logical. smiley - biggrin Would you like to do my RE exam for me?

That's OK! I've plenty of more food that is both nice and bad for you in quantity, so if you want any more, just help yourself. smiley - smiley

Ah. I'm afraid I can't promise that they'll be definitively inaccurate. Just inaccurate... sorry about that... smiley - winkeye


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Curiosity killed the cat...

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