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Icy North

Hi Spiff/DD smiley - smiley

Did you know that the Collins Italian Dictionary (2005) cites a reference to your 'Received Pronunciation' entry?

I've listed it along with the others I found here: A46972182 (scroll down to 2005)

smiley - cheers Icy

RP Reference

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Well I never!

Thanks for letting me know. smiley - ok

As you can imagine, I shall waste no time in contacting them to request appropriate remuneration!

DD / Spiff

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Icy North

Remuneration? smiley - laugh

RP Reference

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Fancy giving the Cryptic Crowd a hand...

I seem to have them stumped!

Definitely down your street - though I don't take credit; it was in a recent Times.

smiley - whistle

RP Reference

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Icy North

smiley - ok

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RP Reference

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