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Off to HesFes...

...the altogether wonderful Home Educators' Seaside Festival., tra la smiley - musicalnote Arriving a bit late so I hope friends have left space for the smiley - tardis
See you in a week or so Gentle Reader... smiley - biggrin

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Where to park...

...the smiley - tardis? Perhaps the Campsite is the best option, next to my chukka-tent...Do visit me and Lohi the smiley - dragon there for tea smiley - cheers

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Guitar heroes

Delighted to have been a small part of the collective Guitar Heroes entry. Collaborative researching is great fun. smiley - hug to all, especially Danny B. who did the lion's share of work .

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Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!

..which I'm hoping is "Happy New Year'" in Finnish smiley - winkeye
Have an excellent 2005, gentle readers...

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Happy in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year!

...just pondering the possiblity of calling this restorative pause between festivities something snappier but am suffering from the combined effect of lots of Yuletide delicacies, a comfy sofa and a log fire...snooze...
Any ideas? Enjoy it, anyway...
smiley - elf

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