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Well, I'm not in Hamilton any more. I'm not in Kawerau either... actually, I'm not in Wellington yet... Er. I'm a 'free spirit'.


Wellington is cool. Lots of cool people (and gorgeous people, too!) to play with. Aparrantly, there are lots of cool bars; but I found the one called Indigo and didn't get around to any of the rest. (Mmm. Sophie of Doom! Roxanne of Doom! Yay! smiley - tongueout)

Now if only I can find a flat down there...

Loki's been having fun... Hitchhiking back from Wellington to Hamilton - what should have been a six hour trip: I left at 9am, and was halfway at 8:30pm. At 8pm, I caught a lift with someone who offered to take me back to Wellington, which was really tempting, 'cause: a) I didn't really want to leave in the first place. (FireDrill concert in Indigo on Friday night.) and b) I was still closer to Wellington, and nightfall was rapidly gaining on me.
Got back to Hamilton about midnight.
Met up with a friend in Hamilton on Thursday afternoon who gave me comps to the FireDrill concert. F*****g Loki!
Remembered that I'd planned to go back to Wellington on Saturday with sister anyway.
Found another friend who was going down Friday arvo, so I gave him the tickets, 'cause I couldn't use them and he could.
Caught up with sister, and discovered that sister was going down on Friday night, arriving at about 1am, not Saturday. Have I said 'F*****g Loki!' yet?

You get the idea. Life has been... interesting.

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One day to go. I missed the 'two days to go' thing 'cause I forgot that yesterday was a public holiday. Never mind.

Today, I am not itchy.


I am tired.





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Only three days left of h2g2 to go... smiley - groan


As I write this I am itchy.




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Does anyone else actually read these?

Strange... for such a supportive and caring community, nobody's made any comment about whether I should stay alive or not. I guess I'm just the only one who reads my journal.

Just for the record; I'm still here.
I don't know why though - probably something to do with the fact that I've just found another couple of ways of distracting myself from existence.


I can do a bit of contact juggling, now.

yay me. smiley - sadface

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Sorry to anyone who wonders why I've disappeared suddenly. I almost did on Monday and I figure I might as well apologise in advance for when it happens again, 'cause I know it will. Goodbye.
smiley - cuddle

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