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Winternights, I wouldn't be so frightened or dismissive. It could lead to a greater understanding of us, of perception, and of reality. It could also point to the next step in evolution, from being carbon-based machines (if you take the materialist view) into silicon-based machines with greater powers, greater intelligence (eventually) and greater self-understanding, beyond us bags of meat, beyond the limitations of the skull. The destruction of humanity by itself might also be an evolutionary step in life on earth - See

It could also test the materialist thesis itself.


Supercomputer Brain

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It seems strange, that to attain a better understanding of us we have to build something to work it out for us and what is this it that worries us so much.
We are what we are, humans, it’s as real as it gets, being surreal is no more than a flight of fancy.
I cannot take away the fact that technology can improve the quality of people’s lives. I can remember watching Tomorrows world on TV when I was young and being marvelled at the so called prediction that were allegedly to unfold, shouldn’t we, all be happy living in a space station by now.
The development of materials, medicines and surgical procedures has given a greater life expectancy to many but do we want to live for ever, NO.
The human race has come along way from the time when we were hairy and had the behavioural profile of a chimpanzee.
There are aspects of technology that have no place on earth i.e. Germ warfare, as there are aspects of society that are divisive and cause conflict. We are all entitled to our opinions as demonstrated in your link, political correctness and so called cultural tolerance prohibit certain views to be broadcast publicly, that only demonstrates as to how diverse the human mind as become.
Do we want a machine to work all this out for us, if it had any sense it would replicate VIKI, s conclusions in I Robot and you would be reduced to sitting in your chair and being told what to do.
Not the kind of future I aspire to

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

the concept of humans becoming android like, isn't far-fetched as it sounds. Wearing glasses is technically that, as it's a non human additive to aid sight, including artificial body part replacements. There is a scientist (in America) that has a microchip attached to his brain (experimental) that sensors in the room detect when he enters and stuff like that.

I didn't know this until just found

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I have a heart monitor implanted in my chest, it takes readings when my heart rhythm becomes abnormal and I have a portable device that reads its data and I can instantly transmit this data straight to the hospital especially if I have a bad episode , they in turn can react straight away to my condition. This kind of Big brother inside of me I do not mind, I would not want though, something that told the world what I thought and where as was, implanted inside of me.

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...backs away hastily, making sign to ward off evil eye...

Why should I want to 'stumble upon' more sites like the ones I've been throwing away by the handful trying to find some genuinely relevant material on a topical theme I won't be concerned about any more anyway, come the morrow?

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Rosa Baggins, (see LOTR appendix Hobbits Family trees for more information)

Jabs thanks for sharing this very enlightening and very informative video. It would be wonderful if it could help developments in neuroscience/neuromedicine.smiley - applausesmiley - cheerssmiley - ok

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It's a real pleasure, for someone as gracious as you, TT.

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