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Purple Wedding ahead

Just arrived at 2legs' dominion. We spent the last two days at a Spa Hotel in the nearby country side in preparation for the upcoming wedding. 2legs will marry Beauregarde, his longtime partner and my co-Dom tomorrow morning. I'll be the Matron of Honour.

My main task is to get 2legs dressed, transported and present in time for the wedding. Those of you who know 2legs will realise that is not a simple task.

smiley - dragon

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Signed (dq)

Yesterday I signed a contract for a new job. A job I never even applied for. Guess you could say I've been head hunted. I do, however, still have my head intact, mind you.

In November I will move South, to the city I left more than a quarter of a century ago to become head of a rather largeish hospital laboratory. Scary but exciting and a challenge.

I will keep the Lair, and DJ, son #2, has promised to move in and take care of the Lair Cats. If things will work out well I guess I'll get a new Lair down South.

It's sort of sad to leave though. I've worked here 18 years, the place feels safe and secure. I know the people I work with and am familiar with routines, dos and don'ts. I've worked my way up from rookie to SIC (2nd in command). I will have to leave my "babies/darlings" behind - areas of work/profession/special tasks that have been a large part of work and who I am.

Well, everything has its time, and sometimes you have to move on. I don't feel like I'm leaving something. more like I'm aquiring something new. OTOH, there is always a way back if this new job won't be what I expect.

smiley - dragon

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Thought from a hospital bed (dq)

Monday there was a dull abdominal pain and some unwellness. Tuesday and Wednesday it got worse. Hardly no boxes were packed, and when at home I curled up in my bed - Leopardess in my lap - and read. Thursday I felt worse, called my GP. Got hold of his nurse and told he will call me - next Wednesday.

About lunchtime I decided I had enough. In stead of buying lunch I headed to the ER. I entered through the staff entrance, introduced my self, explained my problem and asked for painkillers so that I could go back to work.

I was shown (shoved) out to the main entrance area, told to take a number and wait in line. No frills for senior medical staff at our hospital, oh no. After a lot of waiting, conversation with the triage nurse, more waiting, blood and urine samples left I finally could lay down and curl up. After a couple of hours a jr surgeon showed up. He was initially remarkably stressed by having a senior as patient and a medical student family member around. He eventually cooled down and did his job properly. I got my painkillers, and after a few more hours I was slightly intoxicated and on my way to a ward as inpatient. Due to high influx of patients, I was admitted to a neighbouring clinic the first 24 hours. Not that I did mind. I had a room of my own, cute male nurses to see to me and my both youngest to assist in retriving some personal items from home. I usually don't bring my toothbrush when I go for lunch.

Unfortunately changing the route of administration of my painkillers from directly into my bloodstream to into my bodyfat increased sideeffects drastically. I became terribly nauseous albeit not as dizzy headed, and needed more meds to curb the nausea.

Yesterday was spent nauseous, tryin to sleep, listening to music, reading slash (I love my iPad), getting my gallstones visualised once more and starving. I was transferred during the afternoon to the "correct" hospital ward where I'm sharing room with two other women, who unfortunately have been entertained by my snoring during the night since I've slept very well. Yesterday evening I finally was allowed to eat again, and even the horrible hospital coffee was a bliss this morning. Currently I'm waiting for the coffeeshop in the Lobby to open. I'll try to sneak out to buy me some proper coffee. A fourdouble espresso with hot milk *yummy*

Encouraging texts, facebook messages and tweets has been sent from many friends around the Globe and are gratefully acknowledged. What should I do without you gal and guys out there.

Love and hugs
Dragonqueen, less feracious than habitual

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Dang! Forgot my 10th!

Oh my! Oh my!

Just realised I forgot my 10th HooToo Burpday a week ago smiley - blush

Anyway! Happy 10th HooToo Burpday to me! smiley - magic

Refreshments over there! *smiley - dragon points in general direction*

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Sort of c********k day (dq-rant)

Woke up this morning just before six am anything but rested after barely three hours and a half of sleep. Not even the thorough washing of my face and hands by Leopardess smiley - cat made it any better. Snoozed a little to long, and suddenly there was just a tiny fraction to little of time left before leaving for work. I had to rush through my morning routines, a quick detour with the garbage and arrived some twenty minutes late for work. That was not a big problem today since I had no booked appointments and I have plenty of overtime to use.

Started to read through yesterday's patient notes and realised that the junior not-so-young smiley - doctor assigned to me once more managed to get a lot of things completely wrong. smiley - sigh Since he was not to be found (turned out he had a meeting with some Belgians) I decided to correct the minor faults myself to get things going and put the more severe on hold for the time being.

Then I went for morning smiley - tea and ended up in a heated theological dispute with a fundamentalistic Xtian colleauge. He was very upset when I first questioned the existence of JC, the Saviour, and on top of that refused to believe that prayer by one faithful true Xtian made "God Father Almighty" move an Egyptian mountain and thus convincing the ruling Jews (sic!) about the Superiority of Xtians. When he started to brag about the gold crucifix containg a piece of the original JC wooden crucifix belonging to some ancestor which also magically could do miracles like spontaneosly going into fire without even being hot, I could not take it anymore. I pondered about using tal-shaya but left for my office, and spent the rest of the day listening to Metal (not loud unfortunately), mostly rather dark and trashy such as Finntroll, Slipknot and Domination Black. Later in the afternoon I was more settled and listened to Black Sabbath.

Back in my office I continued to read the aforementioned notes. The most severe mistake, which amongst other thing includes the total mix up of sexes - describing a baby boy having a complete set of female genital organs - I spent most of the day working with. Since the original notes were so screwed up all auxillary tests have been hard to interpret. My memory is not what it was back in the days, and to remember all tiny details after a week and half (including several other cases handled) is not always an easy task. Finally I think I sorted it out. My secretary left early today due to the upcoming Easter, so I have not been able to read my final notes yet.

While working with this case the junior smiley - doctor showed up, questioned why I had questioned his notes and I had to review four other cases with him and ask him to rewrite the notes before I could sign them off. Some of the mistakes he made I doubt my daughter and the other 3rd year students would make.

After a short lunch break when I went to the hospital canteen with another colleauge, I was repeatedly interrupted by smiley - nurse administrators and other staff and the pile of unattended cases kept growing.

When I finally headed for a smiley - tea break one of "my" smiley - nurse told me with tears in her eyes that my other smiley - nurse's leukemia had returned and appearently worse than before. There are even discussions about skipping further treatment and going the palliative route. I'm not suprised, the kind of leukemia she has is "better" to get as a toddler than being close to retirement. I texted my smiley - nurse while feeling totally powerless and useless. The planned photo op with my both "old"smiley - nurse and the new temporary replacement for the Uni hospital website will most likely be cancelled. I so want my sick longtime friend and co-worker to know that she's part of our team, and to not include her on the photo is just so wrong. See if she'll feel strong enough to let us up to her ward to take the photo there using a camera of our own.

When I finally came to once more review the above mentioned four cases with the junior smiley - doctor he was long gone. Turned out he left for the day, week (vacation) and month (Uni rotation). Oh well, I must admit I'm sort of relieved it was his last day. At least he got one of the four cases correct this time... The remaing three I was able to fix myself.

The last part of the afternoon I spent doing "simpler" cases that have been on my table the last week due to lack of time. I'm currently "XO" and my administrative work has increased exponentially. The summer rotation and vacation list is driving me nuts! I wanted it done before the end of March, but there are a few vacancies left to fill.

Another low today was that I learned that the junior smiley - doctor I wanted to work with me and hopefully in a few years be my "heir" had turned down the offer to join us, and instead joined "the Neighbours". They will have good use of him. He worked with me a couple of months last year as part of a rotation and he would have been a good addition to the mix of people here.

The Lab closed early today, at 15.00, but I swiped out at 18.20. I didn't exactly feel like cooking, so on my way to my daughter's for some assistance in cat grooming, I stopped by the nearby grocer's and picked up readymade Shellfish lasagna, tiramisu, caesar salad and a couple of non-alcoholic weissbeer. That made an acceptable dinner, though a bit salty. I guess I've had at least a litre of cold water to drink so far. The cats were groomed and I was back in the Lair just after eight. Leopardess was content I was finally home and willingly "helped" putting clean sheets in the bed.

The c********k didn't end of course. When running my long wanted hot relaxing bath the remaing fifth of bath salt left had become a hard lump which landed itself into the tub. I ran very hot water to dissolve it, which needed to be cooled before I could get into the tub. Of course I had too much water in the tub, so the floor was flooded when I sat down. Archimedes was correct, if somebody doubted. Well, the floor needed to be mopped...

Now I'm finally in bed, Leopardess sleeping next to me - and not tired at all... Guess I have another "stay awake until the wee hours" night ahead of me. But at least tomorrow is the first of four days off, so I guess I'll manage. Hopefully I won't sleep in too late. It's just a month left until I move to the River Lair, so I must start to pack my stuff into boxes this weekend.

smiley - dragon

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