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Back again

Hello friends smiley - smiley I wonder if anybody out there still has me on their lists?

I'm popping in to have a look around again - having had all sorts of assistance from the lovely gurus/mods to get me logged in smiley - rolleyes

Right - off for a scout in The Post and PR...

Fb smiley - star

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Whispers a small 'hello'

I wonder if there's anybody in here?
Fb smiley - star

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Four legs becoming a literary icon

Goodness me smiley - laugh I have now had six requests for a smiley - dog Witter (the weekly episode that I email to friends and family).

I have put myself into her brain - a weird experience smiley - silly - a couple of times and then written on her behalf - and received more responses to any Witters other than tragic ones (earthquakes, deaths).

So tomorrow smiley - dog and I will be having a serious conversation to work out what she wants to say to the world. If she's feeling literary her thoughts will be channeled through my head, arms, fingers and keyboard.

Think canine seance smiley - laugh

smiley - zen

Fb smiley - star

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Four legs very comfy indeed thank you Fb

I bought a couple of sheepskin rugs this week. There's a guy at work who can get seconds very cheaply. They have wee holes in, or gaps in the fleece here and there: you really wouldn't know unless you know smiley - erm

All my life I have wanted a sheepskin rug by my bed, to sink my toes into first thing in the morning smiley - magic My brothers all had one when we were kids, but for some reasaon I didn't... Anyway, I decided to treat myself. And to have one for the spare room too.

Trouble is, I have woken up both mornings since I put the rug next to the bed and put my toes not into warm snuggly sheepskin, but onto warm cosy smiley - dog She has abandoned her formerly perfectly acceptable bed made up of a duvet and microfleece blanket for the comfort of a sheepskin smiley - rofl

Just as well I bought two. One for Fb. One for smiley - dog

Indulged??? NOOOOOO! smiley - winkeye

Fb smiley - star

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Four legs shaky...

Poor smiley - dog was subjected to a massive thunderstorm while I was at work on Tuesday smiley - yikes

When I arrived home there was a message taped to the gatepost from friends to say that smiley - dog had visited them during the storm. "What storm?" was my first thought: nothing had happened except heavy rain in Chchch.

Turns out clever smiley - dog had slipped through a gap in the gate and found her way to a safe haven for the duration. I am so proud of her common sense.

It was a bigger deal than for most animals because she was shut in a kennel on her own during the earthquakes in Chchch by her former owners smiley - cross and has consequently got a few neuroses, one of which is thunder cracking immediately overhead and shaking the earth... not surprisingly. I am gutted that I wasn't home to reassure her, but delighted that she had friends who did it for me. Mind you, she thanked them by peeing on their carpet smiley - rolleyes

She's back to normal now, if slightly more clingy than normal.

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