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im back!

Well its been a long time, but I've recently purchased a new pocket pc; hopefully it will help me keep more in touch with the community. looking forward to reading and writing again smiley - cheers

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Latest reply: Dec 12, 2004

Happy Easter To All

As I get up this Easter Sunday, according to my religion I should be going to church and giving thanks etc etc... While I'm not as enthuisastic at these holidays as most, there is some thread still bonding me to faith in the catholic religion. So while I may be considered a bad person in the eyes of most nuns (send me to hell for say gosh darn) I will do my best to be a good person.

So I wish everyone a nice holiday, I encourage you to think (as I have) of those of us who are not as fortunate to celebrate with plentiful drink and food like those memebers of third world countries.

I'm going to get ready, put on a suit and go to dinner with my family.

Dont forget to help somone today. It's extra special if its a stranger!

smiley - alesmiley - corncobHappy Easter!smiley - cheerssmiley - goodluck

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Latest reply: Apr 11, 2004

Spanish royals in US airport row

"A diplomatic spat has erupted between Spanish and US officials after staff at Miami airport insisted on screening Spain's Crown Prince and his fiancee." - BBC News Read the full article here:

Okay, little venting here! If you read the entire story you'll see these royals were in the United States, Miami Florida to be exact, they did not issue a 72 hour notice arrival, which is United States law, only a six hour notice...So naturally they had to be searched.

Plain and simple: I don't care if your the Queen of England, when you step foot into another country your title really doesn't mean a hoot- the only thing that is concrete, is that while your visiting, those nations laws and rules apply, and you must be searched in this case. Apparently he thinks he's above the law.

Spain of all the countries would I never expect such ignorance. Of course Miami's mayor had to kiss butt and send him an apology letter, which I believe was uncalled for since he, nor his staff or the Airport do anything wrong. It's time rich people, or important people, or what ever political figures, actors etc...To start showing a little respect for the rest of the world and following the same rules that apply to everyone else but their god blessed divine selves.

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Still Gathering...

I'm still gathering information on hit day time drama 'As the World Turns'

If anyone would like to contribute, and enjoys the show, please contact me!

smiley - cheers,

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Question of the Day

Question for all you Britons out there...What, or where is Downing Street, and its relivence to government.



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