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Twisted Fritos

Are going to be the death of me. The delicious barbque and honey death of me. But at least it'll be a crunchy way to go.

I've been having fun reading everyone's old journal entries. Try it. You'll like it.

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Latest reply: Sep 6, 2002

Ant made me wonder

What has been going on hereabouts. So I decided to stop by.


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Latest reply: Sep 5, 2002

There was something in the air that night

The stars were bright... uh... Fernandez!

*flamencos* *ponys* *boogies awn down*

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Latest reply: Jan 9, 2002

Wait...what'd I do?

Someone's hidden my journal to see if it breaks the house rules, but I "*"ed out the two bad words I wanted to say!

I wonder what I did wrong this time?


Everytime I write something on here it's horked because of something. I really really want to like it at H2 as I remember it's heyday when it was just a great place, but this is really really constantly descouraging.

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Latest reply: Jun 7, 2001

I hate this f*****g day

My boss is just being the worst he's ever been ever. I hate him. I really really hate him and his snotty face.

He gets all bound up and snooty. "Didn't they put that in the ORIGINAL email?" he says all nasty. Like that email wasn't 2 months ago, I don't get 50 a day, and the information isn't relevent to him directly.

Oh! Of course! Why don't I just magically flip the rolodex in my brain because suddenly I've become omnicient or developed a photographic memory in arrears!


I can't possibly do well today and he's just setting me up so that he can glare at me. I hate him.

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Latest reply: Jun 6, 2001

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